World Endeavors Public Health internships provide the chance to work with international communities and gain real-world experience. Depending on their placement, interns will participate in weekly rounds in public hospitals, assist doctors and nurses in private clinics, or collaborate with local organizations that focus on the promotion of healthier lifestyles and behaviors in their surrounding communities. Daily tasks will vary greatly, but may include shadowing health professionals attending to outpatient care, assisting with market research, or educating on the prevention of illnesses and diseases that may affect the local community.



Completing a public health internship abroad provides the greatest opportunity to understand the real challenges faced by communities around the world. By observing local doctors and nurses, interns will learn how different cultures approach their own healthcare issues. Including an international internship on a resume indicates self-motivation and a commitment to the field of public health. Interns are sure to gain greater cultural awareness and a broader perspective on the challenges and rewards of the field.



Prospective interns should have a strong interest in working in the public health sector. Interns should demonstrate patience, self-motivation, and the ability to adapt to unfamiliar conditions and cultures. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are key to a successful internship, as is eagerness to learn more about the field. Healthcare interns do not provide direct patient care or treatment but are there to observe and learn from local licensed professionals. 



Intern in Argentina

Intern in Costa Rica

Intern in Czech Republic

Intern in Ecuador

Intern in France

Intern in Ireland

Intern in Italy

Intern in Morocco

Intern in South Africa

Intern in Thailand



WE Intern Ariana in Italy in front of the duomo of Florence

Ariana had the unique experience of interning with the Red Cross in Florence, Italy, where she was able to join the team as an Emergency Responder with the ambulance service.

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