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What is World Endeavors mission?

Our mission is to transform lives through international educational programs. World Endeavors provides meaningful study and intern programs abroad for students of all ages. Our programs are focused on immersive, hands-on learning, creating unique opportunities for cross-cultural understanding.

Our passion is for providing transformative professional, service, or study experiences rooted in active participation in concrete learning environments. Our goal is to be a catalyst for change in students’ lives, helping them make strong connections which lead them to a greater investment in the world as engaged and energized global citizens.

Through participation in our programs, we have seen individuals refine and expand their own personal missions. We have seen host institutions and communities invest more deeply in their global ties. And we have seen our staff embrace their roles as ambassadors for an alternative life which actively cultivates gratitude, inclusion and respect.

So, what does World Endeavors do?

We’re asked that question frequently. The short answer is that we transform lives through international educational programs. However, whether we give the short answer, long answer, or something in-between, we talk about transformation. We understand this type of transformation because we’ve experienced it through our own international travel. For each of us here, our career path, perspective of the world, or even our life was altered because of our decision to go abroad. Enabling transformations is what drives us and inspires us when we come to work each day.

We’re not travel agents and we’re not traditional educators. We are the people who bring the two together and help reveal that the world outside of the classroom is fertile ground for what we call experiential learning. We connect people with people. When a participant is able to connect with and become immersed in a local community, cultural and language learning comes alive. The US universities that partner with us and send students on our Study Abroad and Intern Abroad programs recognize the value our experience provides and see our programs as a complement to their own offerings.

World Endeavors is a business with a social mission. We are proud of our tradition of transforming lives by providing the highest quality international educational experiences and the best customer service in our industry.


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