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Meet our team

For each of us here at World Endeavors, our career path, perspective of the world, or even our life was altered because of our decision to go abroad. The opportunity to transform others’ lives through our international education programs is what drives us and inspires us each day when we come to work.

Paula Piazza

Managing Director

Paula manages all operations for World Endeavors and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She studied Business, Spanish and Portuguese in Spain and Argentina and spent 10 years living in Costa Rica. During her time in Costa Rica she oversaw volunteer, internship and language programs for a study abroad organization in Latin America before working with the University for Peace, founded by the United Nations. Paula is absolutely dedicated to and passionate about international and experiential education. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to go abroad to experience a global classroom, create cross country connections, and make more impact - whether it be abroad or at home.

“When traveling, always expect the unexpected and enjoy all the bumps in the road…the bumps are the times where you grow the most and make for great stories after!”

Heilwig Jones

Executive Board Member

Heilwig is the Founder and Director of Kaya Responsible Travel - World Endeavor’s sister company - and sits on the World Endeavors board of executives sharing her extensive industry experience. Heilwig’s specialism is in experiential programs, non-traditional destinations and ethical community engagement practices, and has supported thousands of travellers discover new countries. Originating from the UK, she is based in Colorado, where she was once a study-abroad student, and a perfect example of how study-abroad can shape your life!

“Always look for real connections when you are abroad - spend time with locals, embrace the local ways of doing things and consider, without judgement, what is different from what you know. Your experience will be richer, your stories wilder, your connections more meaningful and you will become a better person”

Elaina Kropf

Senior Director of Institutional Relations

Elaina’s love of travel began on a high school group trip to Northern France, which inspired her to study abroad in Cannes, France. After receiving her BA in International Relations and French at the College of St. Benedict, she returned to France for an internship with the Cannes Film Festival. Along with extensive travels through Europe, Elaina has also visited New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and China, meeting amazing friends along the way. When she’s not traveling, you can find Elaina chasing her two kids or Goldendoodle, Gnarly, or trying to find the best Thai food in Minneapolis.

Camryn Hay

Specialized Program Advisor, Study Abroad Programs

Cam is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a member of our Program Advising team. She studied English Literature, Creative Writing, Korean language, Videography, and Philosophy, and is an alum of the 2022 Critical Language Scholarship Program for Korean. She is eager to share her experiences abroad in South Korea, Mexico, Germany, and the Czech Republic!

Travel quote: "I met a lot of people in Europe. I even encountered myself." - James Baldwin

Francesca Marelli

Program Coordinator and Advisor

Francesca is based in Italy and is a member of our Academic Relations and Operations teams. Francesca studied Foreign Languages with a focus on International Management. She is eager to share her once-in-a-lifetime experience as a World Endeavors volunteer in Africa, leaving her heart in Arusha, Tanzania. She has also enjoyed exploring Dublin, Paris, Norway and the US. Francesca loves dancing, traveling and talking to people. She truly believes in the power of kindness.

When it comes to travel, Francesca’s main recommendation is: “Be flexible, be open to new cultures, and appreciate every single moment of your experience, because you’re definitely gonna miss it once you come back!”

Davis Narey

Marketing Manager

Davis is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and serves as the Marketing Manager for World Endeavors. With a number of study abroad trips and personal endeavors abroad under his belt, Davis has become a savvy member of the travel industry with a passion for experiential learning.

As the Marketing Manager, he strives to deliver accurate and timely messages on our programs, stories, company, and participants. His experience in marketing communications, SEO, social media, and visual art makes him a well-rounded asset to the team.

Davis's best travel advice: Take photos, but take them with an eye for capturing the essence of the people and the place you are in 🙂

Sophie Stauffer

Academic Relations Representative

Sophie is based in Indiana and is a member of our Academic Relations team. Sophie studied English and is eager to share about her experiences in Ireland, Finland, and Hungary.

In terms of travel advice, Sophie says: “Bring your own food to the airport! Airport food is overpriced and often...bad. Even if you get takeout from a restaurant before you hit the airport, I guarantee it will be better priced, better quality, or both; just no soups or liquids, and if you have a sauce like Salsa or salad dressing, make sure it's in a container less than 3.4 ounces.”

Gabriel Alvarez

Academic Relations Representative

Gabriel is based in Missouri and is a member of our Academic Relations team. Gabriel studied Business Marketing and is eager to share his experiences in Colombia and South Africa.

Gabriel’s travel advice? “Take detours! Sometimes the greatest experiences aren't at the typical tourist sites. One of my personal favorite things to do is to try to find a soccer game and really connect with the locals!"

Olivia Rosso

Academic Relations Representative

Olivia is based in California and is a member of our Academic Relations team. Olivia studied Psychology and Political Science and is eager to share about her experiences in Ireland, Italy, Thailand, Costa Rica, and more!

When it comes to travel, Olivia advises: “Visit somewhere that you may not be interested in or expect to enjoy - it could open your eyes to so many new possibilities!”

Anthony Alduino

Academic Relations Representative

Anthony is based in Washington DC and is a member of our Academic Relations team. Anthony studied social policy and is eager to share about his experiences in Bolivia, Argentina, Scotland, and The Balkans. The greatest thing Anthony recommends for traveling is to try as much food as you can.

"An ounce of sauce covers a multitude of sins.” - Anthony Bourdain

Joslyn Sobek

Academic Relations Representative

Joslyn is based in Denver and is a member of our Academic Relations team. Joslyn studied International Politics, Spanish, and Peace, Justice, and Human Rights studies. She is eager to share about her experiences in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

"Do it for the plot" is Joslyn's travel advice. "If you're ever feeling unsure, think of how it will add to your life's storyline and be worth sharing later- but still listen to your gut."

Julia Born

Academic Relations Representative

Julia is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a member of our Academic Relations team. She studied Spanish and Business Management and is eager to share her study abroad experiences in Ecuador and Spain! Julia has explored several other countries but made some of her best memories in France and Italy. Her favorite part about traveling is learning about each country's language(s) and trying to speak with locals!

Cian Hackett Cantabrana

Specialized Internships Advisor

Cian is half Irish/half Spanish and grew up in Wicklow, Ireland. Cian is currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a member of our Specialized Program Advising team. He studied History and Classical Studies at UCD - University College Dublin and graduated with a Masters Degree in Medieval History. After University, Cian worked as a TEFL English language teacher for five years in Spain and two years teaching online while travelling.
Cian has travelled all over Europe and is eager to share his travel advice and loca recommendations!

Bella Peters

General Program Advisor

Bella is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a member of our Program Advising team. She studied Global Studies, Communications and Japanese during her undergraduate degree. She believes strongly in leading with compassion and understanding when approaching the great unknown. She is eager to share her experiences abroad in Japan, the Czech Republic, Amsterdam, South Korea, and Austria.

Bella’s best travel advice - Try to learn the most you can about the place you are visiting! The more you know about the history, culture and foods the more invigorating experiencing life there will be. Making even a small effort to understand the local idiosyncrasies of life, goes farther than you can imagine.

Sullivan Ojala-Hembolt

Specialized Programs Advisor

Sullivan is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a member of our program advising team. Between teaching English in Spain as an Auxiliar de Conversación and his work as an opera singer, he has found himself traveling all over the world from the United States and Mexico to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. Sullivan loves to share his passion for travel and is eager to help others transform their lives by experiencing more of the world.

When you travel, make a plan and trust it, so you don’t spend all your time worrying! One of the best parts of travel is finding joy in the unpredictability. As Ursula K. LeGuin said, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

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