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By submitting this online application form, you indicate your understanding and acceptance of the following statements:

  • I certify that all of the information in this application is correct and I agree to stand by the financial, academic and conduct policies set forth by World Endeavors and partner institutions/organizations.
  • As World Endeavors will be working on my behalf, I hereby authorize the release of my application and other records to its affiliated partner institutions/organizations.
  • I authorize the appropriate officials of my overseas, host institutions to forward official transcripts of the academic work I complete while abroad to World Endeavors. World Endeavors will then release this information to the appropriate officials at my home institution and may contact my study abroad advisor. (Applies to academic programs.)
  • I authorize World Endeavors to release my name and program information to my parents/family and home institution.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to educate myself on any specific visa requirements for my selected destination and to secure any required documents.
  • In consideration of the benefits accruing to me from the World Endeavors Program and other good and valuable consideration, I do hereby release and discharge World Endeavors and any and all of their agents, employees, or representatives including persons, parties, organizations or agencies collaborating with them, from all actions, suits, claims, or liability for damages or other legal or equitable relief of any nature resulting from, arising out of, or related to my participation in the program (including, without limitation, claims for personal injury, property damage, deviation, delay, curtailment). World Endeavors or the sponsoring institution reserves the right to cancel or alter any program or course for any reason.


Some applicants may be conditionally accepted to their program. This is dependent upon the applicant’s ability to meet program-specific requirements, such as language proficiency, prior to full acceptance into their program. The applicants will be advised by their World Endeavors Enrollment Advisor as to conditions that exist for their programs. The applicant must fill and sign the Conditional Acceptance Agreement and return it to World Endeavors with a deposit of $500 to demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling the requirements necessary to participate in the program.

The due date for the completion of the program requirements will be set by the World Endeavors Enrollment Advisor. By this date, the applicant must submit proof (such as language proficiency score) that they have met the program requirements. They must also submit their remaining World Endeavors enrollment documents. The $500 deposit will be non-refundable after this date.


By submitting this online application form, you indicate your understanding and acceptance of the following statements:
Enrollment in an international program requires a great deal of advanced preparation. The participant must make commitments of time and money in order to go abroad. WORLD ENDEAVORS also makes resource and financial commitments on behalf of each participant prior to the program start date. These commitments are made in order to maximize the value of the programs for all participants. For this reason, WORLD ENDEAVORS has instituted limited refund, cancellation, and deferment policies for which no exceptions can be made. All cancellations or deferments must be signed and sent in writing via fax or mail. Phone calls and emails are not acceptable. No refunds will be made other than those specified below:
  • The application fee is non-refundable.
  • The $500 program deposit is fully refundable if a written cancellation request is received by World Endeavors within 7 days (one calendar week) of the deposit payment receipt date or deposit payment deadline, whichever comes first. After 7 days, the program deposit is nonrefundable.
If an applicant withdraws after payment is made, but prior to the actual start date of the program, the WORLD ENDEAVORS refund policy is as follows:
  • If, in accordance with the World Endeavors deferment policy, an applicant defers participation to a future program or change to a different program, any monies already paid will be applied to the cost of the new program, but not refunded.
  • If, in accordance with the World Endeavors cancellation policy, an applicant cancels participation, the following refund policy will be put into effect. The policy below will apply only to the remainder of the program fee, after payment of the $500 deposit. The $500 deposit is not subject to the policy outlined below. No refunds will be made other than those specified below:
  • If the applicant withdraws more than 60 days prior to the program start date as listed on the application, WORLD ENDEAVORS will retain 25% of the program fees and refund the rest.
  • If the applicant withdraws 45 – 59 days prior to the program start date as listed on the application, WORLD ENDEAVORS will retain 50% of the program fees and refund the rest.
  • If the applicant withdraws 30 – 44 days prior to the program start date as listed on the application, WORLD ENDEAVORS will retain 75% of the program fees and refund the rest.
  • If the applicant withdraws 29 days or less prior to, or after the program start date as listed on the application, no refund will be given.


Applicants may request deferment of their program 60 days or more prior to their program start date as listed on the application. Written and signed notification of deferment is required. In addition, participants should contact WORLD ENDEAVORS headquarters to verify the amount of participation fees already paid for the current program as well as the amount of participation fees eligible to be applied to future participation, if applicable. Approval for deferment is at the sole discretion of WORLD ENDEAVORS.

Participants eligible for the deferment option will be sent a Future Enrollment Letter confirming receipt of notification and noting the programs for which the participant may re-enroll. The participant will be required to submit a new application and application fee for the new program selected. In addition, participants must make up any price difference between programs. Acceptance to a previous program and/or session does not guarantee acceptance to a future program and/or session. Participants are subject to current prices and are eligible to defer only once.


WORLD ENDEAVORS reserves the right to cancel or suspend a program for any valid reason, including but not limited to (i) insufficient enrollment as deemed by WORLD ENDEAVORS; (ii) a US Department of State travel warning of unsafe conditions in a country; or (iii) factors outside of WORLD ENDEAVORS control. In any such event, accepted applicants are given the choice of (1) deferring to a future program session; (2) switching to a different WORLD ENDEAVORS program site; or (3) a full refund of the program fee minus the application fee, program deposit, and any program expenses already paid by WORLD ENDEAVORS on behalf of the participant. If the accepted applicant defers to a future program session or switches to a different program site, the applicant will be responsible for paying any difference in the program fee.


Although WORLD ENDEAVORS attempts to ensure that programs operate as described in the published material, occasionally circumstances mandate that changes in the service, academic study and/or housing are necessary or advisable. No refund or reduction of fees will be made as long as the altered arrangements are similar to the original arrangements and participants are able to complete the required work, determinations of similarity will be made at WORLD ENDEAVORS sole discretion.


In an effort to introduce participants to the local community and to explore cultural, historic and social elements of the host culture, WORLD ENDEAVORS will occasionally plan activities and excursions for participants of some programs. Although WORLD ENDEAVORS attempts to plan activities around academic calendars and participant placement schedules, it is impossible to avoid all scheduling conflicts. Activity and excursions itineraries are based upon availability and are subject to change. No refunds or substitutions will be given to participants who either miss or choose not to participate in any WORLD ENDEAVORS sponsored activity.


From time to time, WORLD ENDEAVORS will offer promotional discounts or pricing plans for a limited time. Only those applicants who submit the required application materials and fees within the specified time frame of the promotion will be entitled to the reduced program price. Applicants applying prior to the run of the promotion or just after the promotion deadline will not be granted any price adjustment or price difference refund


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