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Overview of Internships for Academic Credit

In addition to gaining hands-on professional experience in their career field, participants in World Endeavors internship program can also earn academic credit for their intern experience. Interns can choose from two options to earn credit while abroad.

Interested in earning credit for your internship abroad? Our advisors can help you decide which option is best for you and will work directly with you to make the process easy.

Internship credit options

OPTION 1: Credit arranged through World Endeavors

Through our collaboration with University of California Berkeley, World Endeavors interns can earn 3 credits by taking an online course alongside their international internship. During the summer session, World Endeavors internship participants take the Global Citizenship course in conjunction with the internship experience.

Global Citizenship

With this course, you will be able to add a new dimension to your internship experience: a reflection on global citizenship. You will be challenged to use your internship experience as an opportunity to critically explore cultural differences, modes of conduct and values. A series of audio-visual lectures, practical exercises, writing assignments, projects, and online group discussions will stimulate you to leave the comfort zone of what you are familiar with and to explore alternative views on right and wrong, good and bad and the beautiful and the ugly. The course will also encourage you to interact with locals and to engage with the city/region/country where you live during your internship. It is our hope that this course will help to increase your consciousness about the challenges of being a global citizen.

Course Dates: June 5 – August 11, 2024

Application Deadline: May 1st

Academic Requirements
Students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor to see which major/minor or requirements this course may fulfill.

To receive credit from the University of California Berkeley and the World Endeavors internship program, interns must have completed the course above during their World Endeavors international internship.

The course fee for the University of California Berkeley course is $2,248.

How is credit given?
Credit for the online course will be assessed and given based on the successful completion of a series of audio-visual lectures, practical exercises, writing assignments, projects, and online group discussions. The course will also present a range of theories, methods, and real-world examples for examining management and organizational theory and practice.

Credit is given in letter grade format (A,B,C,D,F). Interns will receive a transcript 8-12 weeks after the course ends stating the grade and the number of credits earned.

About University of California Berkeley

Founded in the wake of the gold rush by leaders of the newly established 31st state, the University of California’s flagship campus at Berkeley has become one of the preeminent universities in the world. Its early guiding lights, charged with providing education (both “practical” and “classical”) for the state’s people, gradually established a distinguished faculty (with 22 Nobel laureates to date), a stellar research library, and more than 350 academic programs.

In recognition of broad and deep excellence, respected sources have repeatedly ranked UC Berkeley at or near the top in fields ranging from engineering and the “hard” sciences to the social sciences, arts, and humanities. The National Research Council, in the most recent version of its highly regarded report on US public and private universities, ranked Berkeley number one nationally in the number of campus graduate programs (35 out of 36) among the top 10 in their fields.

Berkeley Summer Sessions

Online courses offered through Berkeley Summer Session are taught by UC Berkeley faculty. Credit is issued by UC Berkeley.

Berkeley Summer Session Mission Statement: UC Berkeley Summer Sessions is committed to offering high quality, innovative academic courses, and experiential education opportunities during the summer. By opening our doors to visiting students and continuing our service to UC Berkeley students, we support the University’s goals of educating a broad and diverse student population. Our commitment to providing superior service and unrivaled learning opportunities extends to our students, campus units and departments, and all external partners.

OPTION 2: Credit arranged through your home institution

Many students are able to arrange credit for their international internship through their home institution. If you are a required by your academic program to complete a practical experience, internship, service or volunteer experience, or work placement, World Endeavors Advisors will work with you and your faculty advisor to ensure your internship placement fulfills your requirements for internship credit.

Depending on your institutional requirements, you may be required to fulfill a certain number of contact hours, receive supervisor evaluations, submit regular journal entries, complete a report, or complete other requirements specific to your course of study.

As long as the specific requirements are communicated to us as early as possible in the application process we will ensure that the internship we place you in will meet those requirements.

Contact your study abroad office or academic advisor to see if this option is available at your university!



How to apply for an Internship Abroad

You’ve decided to intern abroad – congratulations! Applying for your World Endeavors program is easy and stress-free. Get ready to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!


Research and compare. If you can’t decide on a program, we can guide you toward the best fit.


Fill out our online application form to share all your relevant details with our team.


Receive your official acceptance and enroll. We’ll give you all the info you need to get ready!


You’ve researched, planned and saved. Now you’re ready to gain skills and grow your network abroad!

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