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Whether you are just returning from a program or participated several years ago, we are excited to have you as a member of our global community. We hope your experience abroad was life-changing, eye-opening, challenging, exciting, and rewarding.

Download our Alumni Ambassador Guide and share your experience with others as a World Endeavors Alumni Ambassador!


Alumni Ambassadors share their experiences abroad with their communities, and encourage others to put themselves out there through immersive, international experiences. Being an Alumni Ambassador is a great way to gain valuable experience while sharing your enthusiasm for experiential learning abroad!

Another perk: EARN SOME CASH for yourself and DISCOUNTS for participants you refer!

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The value of your experience abroad doesn’t end when your plane touches down in your home city. You have gained experience and knowledge about your host country and what it’s like to intern, study, or volunteer abroad. Don’t keep that knowledge to yourself! One of the best ways to process your experience and share what you’ve learned is by sharing your story.

Some ways to share your experience are to:

  • Serve as a peer advisor at your university’s study abroad office
  • Share your experiences at info sessions on campus
  • Give a presentation to a local organization, such as a Rotary club
  • Serve as an email reference for future WE participants
  • Post photos to the WE Facebook page
  • Go back through photos you posted while abroad and tag @worldendeavors in your photos on Instagram and Facebook
  • Fill out our Alumni Testimonial Form and contact WE to be profiled on our website or in a video interview!
  • Become an Alumni Ambassador – see above!


Simply put, re-entry shock is a period of stress and disorientation that occasionally occurs when returning home after spending time abroad. Most people are familiar with the concept of culture shock – the feeling of stress and internal conflict when arriving in a new culture. But many travelers don’t give much thought to the fact that, oftentimes, along with culture shock comes reverse culture shock, or re-entry shock. For some, this feeling of disorientation can last for a long time, while others are able to overcome it within a few weeks.

Some simple strategies can help to mitigate the impact of re-entry shock. We always encourage returnees to share highlights of their experience abroad with family and friends. Returnees who are enrolled as students often find participating in events at their university’s study abroad office can help them connect to other students who recently returned home. Creating a journal or scrapbook of your time abroad can also be a great way to process your experience.