Many students spend hours in the classroom only to graduate with no practical experience. An international internship, however, can give students the confidence and experience needed to successfully pursue a chosen career after college.

A World Endeavors internship stands out on a resume, gives you an edge in a competitive job market, and affords you a valuable international perspective – which is attractive to employers!


The World Endeavors internship placement process is designed to ensure the best fit possible between the intern and their placement, and over 12 years of experience has made us very good at making these connections. When you apply to intern abroad, your application is reviewed by a program advisor as well as by our onsite coordinator. Your program advisor will then conduct a phone interview with you to learn more about your objectives for the program. Once you are accepted into the program, your program advisor will work with our onsite coordinator to find an internship placement that will be the best fit possible for your professional goals, language skills, and academic and work experience.


Interns must be 18 years of age or older and have completed high school (or equivalent). The World Endeavors International Internship program is open to current students, graduates, and professionals. Internship placement opportunities increase with experience or relevant coursework. Please contact World Endeavors for more information.

Do you need your internship to fulfill an academic requirement, or would you like to earn academic credits for your internship experience? World Endeavors is here to help. About half of World Endeavors interns complete their internships for credit, and our advisors are experienced in coordinating internships to meet students’ academic requirements. Contact World Endeavors to learn more!

Intern For Credit

Do you want to earn academic credit for your international internship? Nearly half of World Endeavors participants earn credit while interning abroad. Many students are required to participate in an internship to fulfill a requirement for their degree program. World Endeavors works closely with students and their academic advisors to ensure that our program meets those requirements. If you don’t fall into that category there is another exciting option for you. Through our collaboration with University of California Berkeley, students can earn UC Berkeley credit by taking one of two online courses while interning abroad.University of California Berkeley




World Endeavors offers international internships in several destinations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Our programs are located in a variety of sites, including urban and rural, economically-developed and developing, and English-speaking and non-English speaking. Our wide range of options means that you can find the destination that is just right for you.


World Endeavors currently offers internships in the following countries:



World Endeavors offers internships in a wide range of professional fields in each country. These fields cover a broad range of professions for which we have developed numerous ongoing internship options for our participants. If your career field is on our list, you can be confident that we can set up an internship in your field.

But, don’t panic if you don’t see your career field listed! Our advisors are proud of their ability to find great internships in unique and highly specialized fields, and we have a long and impressive track record setting up “one-in-a-million” internships. Contact World Endeavors today if you are looking for a special or customized internship.

World Endeavors currently offers internships in the following areas:

Have Questions?

Making the choice to go abroad is bound to bring up a lot of questions—and the World Endeavors team is here to help! Let us guide you to the answers you need to embark on your own global travels. Select the “Request a Call” button, and one of our team members will get in contact with you.


At World Endeavors, we understand that cost is a major concern when contemplating an international program. Receiving a scholarship or outside funding may be the key to making your experiences abroad possible. Luckily, there are thousands of scholarships for students, recent graduates, and even mid-career professionals. In order to make this information more accessible, we've created this helpful guide. Included in its pages are a variety of scholarships and funding sources relevant to World Endeavors programs. We hope that it provides useful information in order to make your dreams of interning, studying, or volunteering abroad a reality. Fill out the information below, and a copy of our Scholarship and Funding Guide will be made accessible to you.