Program Overview

Kaya Responsible Travel and World Endeavors have joined forces to offer an innovative 2-week sustainability micro-internship in Costa Rica this June.

This 2-week micro-internship will give you immersive exposure into innovative sustainability models in a uniquely incredible setting. The two weeks will consist of seminars, workshops, field visits, and reflection sessions, all facilitated by expert guidance in the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest.


Intern abroad for two weeks in Costa Rica (1 week in Turrialba + 1 week in Tirimbina) and immerse yourself with a diverse group of interns, lead by experts, united to elevate sustainability innovations.

This two-week micro-internship is perfect for those studying sustainability, environmental studies, business management, international development, sustainable tourism, or related fields, to gain practical fieldwork experience in a stunning Costa Rican context.


What will you gain from this micro-internship?

  • Skills in thinking critically and creatively about today’s key challenges
  • Introduction to sustainability practices in business, government, and NGOs
  • Practical knowledge of natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, circular economy, eco systemic services, and environmental management in the context of a rainforest
  • Experience in using dynamic methodologies in the construction of concepts, and the application of theory to real-life scenarios
  • Insights into Costa Rica’s sustainability model, and the ability to critically evaluate it through discussion groups
  • An immersive experience in an incredible natural environment



The town of Turrialba is located in the Cartago Province of Costa Rica, in the foothills of the Turrialba Volcano. It’s a picturesque town known for its agricultural activities, particularly the production of coffee, sugar cane, and dairy products.


Tirimbina is a renowned biological reserve and research center in the Costa Rican rainforest. The 850 acres of protected rainforest serves as a vital research center for tropical ecology, conservation, and sustainable development. It hosts researchers, students, and scientists from around the world who conduct studies on various aspects of tropical biology, including biodiversity, forest ecology, and conservation strategies.


Interns will stay in hotels or camp sites as a group during the two-week micro-internship.

Support while in Costa Rica

World Endeavors intern abroad programs offer full support, starting with airport pickup and accommodation transfer upon arrival followed by on-arrival orientation that will cover health, safety, and local tips. Emergency support from your in-country coordinator, 24/7 travel medical insurance, and continuous contact with your advisor for additional assistance throughout the program to help you feel secure and supported. Whatever challenges may come your way, we’ve got you covered!

  • Approval received from the home university.
  • Current official undergraduate degree transcript.
  • Valid passport until at least 6 months after your program end date. Copy of your passport (photo page).


Academic credit may be available for students where this internship will meet a degree requirement. In that case, the World Endeavors team will sort out the details after the successful completion of the internship.

The World Endeavors process is designed to take the guesswork out of academic credit and credit transfers. Our experienced advisors work with each student and his or her academic advisor before the program begins to ensure students earn the credit expected for courses taken abroad.


Applicants to intern abroad with World Endeavors must have completed high school (or equivalent), and, in most cases, must be at least 18 years of age. While some programs have minimum GPA requirements and require that applicants be currently enrolled in a college or university, others are open to all participants regardless of age or student status. Please contact a World Endeavors advisor for more detailed eligibility criteria.

What's Included/ Costs


  • Dedicated Program Advisor who is accessible and experienced
  • Tuition: NA
  • Meals
  • Daily transportation
  • Park entry fees and other admissions fees
  • Pre and post arrival orientation; re-entry guidance
  • Student services and learning support
  • 24/7 emergency phone support
  • Airport reception and on-arrival orientation
  • All housing accommodations
  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance
  • Travel visa guidance and support


  • Round-trip transportation to SAN JOSE
  • Visa expenses
  • Optional trips and excursions
  • Textbooks and other course materials
  • Personal expenses

Intern in Costa Rica
Cost: $3,795

Dates & Deadlines

2024 Micro-Internship Program Dates: Sunday, June 16th - Friday, June 28th

If you are interested in this program, reach out to us and request a call or apply to this program directly through our sister company, Kaya Responsible Travel.

Every World Endeavors Internship Program Includes

Our internships are as unique as the countries that host them, but there are program features that unify all of our internship experiences.


  • Professional customized internship placement
  • Year-round program availability
  • Flexible durations from 2 to 6 months


  • Resume clinic and interview skills workshop
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Professional competencies development


  • Variety of options available – host family, shared apartment, student residence
  • Vetted and selected with quality, safety and proximity to your placement in mind


  • Re-entry handbook and support
  • Academic credit facilitation
  • Post-program assistance with resume updates and completion certificate
  • World Endeavors Alumni Network


  • Dedicated one-on-one advisor
  • Local on-site coordinator
  • Internship placement supervisor


  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance
  • Mental Health First Aid-certified staff
  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance
  • Professional liability insurance


When you feel safe and respected abroad, you will flourish. World Endeavors participants are transformed through enriching, rewarding and safe experiences around the world. We meticulously monitor travel recommendations and will only facilitate programs where we can ensure our participants’ safety. 

We take key steps to ensure our participants’ well-being, including providing a pre-trip success guide, 24/7 local support, in-country trained staff, pre and post-arrival orientation, comprehensive travel medical insurance, and Mental Health First Aid-certified staff. Please contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns.


While you’re in Costa Rica, you can enjoy a wide array of exciting activities and experiences. Here are some things you can do in your spare time in Costa Rica:

  • Explore National Parks and Reserves: Discover Costa Rica’s stunning biodiversity by visiting its numerous national parks and wildlife reserves. Explore places like Manuel Antonio National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Arenal Volcano National Park, and Tortuguero National Park to witness diverse flora and fauna.
  • Eco-Tourism and Adventure Sports: Engage in eco-friendly activities such as zip-lining through the treetops, white-water rafting down rushing rivers, or taking a canopy tour to experience the country’s natural wonders up close.
  • Learn to Surf: Costa Rica is a surfer’s paradise with great waves suitable for all skill levels. Sign up for surf lessons and ride the waves along the Pacific coast.
  • Experience Tico Culture: Engage with the locals, known as “Ticos” and “Ticas,” to experience the warm and friendly Costa Rican culture. Participate in traditional events, sample local cuisine, and learn about their customs.

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Recent Costa Rica Testimonials

Autumn RVolunteer in Costa Rica

Amazing experience from start to finish! Everyone involved in the process both here in the states and while abroad was fantastic and readily available when I had any questions!

MAria SVolunteer in Costa Rica

My 3 daughters and I traveled together as World Endeavors Volunteers. Throughout the entire pre-trip, during-trip, and post-trip process, WE was there personally attentive to our needs, supporting our trip vision, and bringing together all of their knowledge, experience, and resources to create what was a spectacularly memorable trip! We lived in and learned in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, met interesting and diverse people, participated in meaningful work and made contributions to others, traveled and adventured in beautiful places, and grew our own personal relationships through the sharing of it all. Truly an experience we will carry with us forever! I want more of it now ... wanderlust!

Erin BVolunteer in Costa Rica

I volunteered for 4 weeks with World Endeavors in a Costa Rican nursing home, helping with physical therapy. This is such an amazing experience for anyone looking to study and/or volunteer abroad. The World Endeavors staff is there for you every step of the way, even providing you with an in-country coordinator for any questions that may arise while you're at your site.

Whitney SIntern in Costa Rica

My time in Costa Rica was absolutely amazing, I learned so many new things that I had never learned before. I loved my host family and am still in touch with them!

Michelle WVolunteer in Costa Rica

Arriving in Latin America was a short trip, the days were long but the wonderful encounters with the host family impressed a heart shape. The Healthcare projects were balanced to create a meaningful exposure in my personal commitments. I love having the chance to work in therapy with children and giving them the independence they deserve at the right time. This experience has given me the most confidence for future out of the country activities.

Costa Rica FAQs

How Big is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a total area of 51,100 square kilometers, making it 19,730 square miles.

Is Costa Rica Expensive?

Costa Rica is a relatively affordable destination, depending on your lifestyle choices. As a popular tourist destination, it holds luxury and convenience outlets that allow visitors to enjoy more exclusive services. It also hosts visitors looking to explore its natural beauty without breaking the bank through affordable living options.

Is Costa Rica Safe to Travel to?

Costa Rica is generally considered a safe travel destination for tourists. It has a reputation for being one of the safer countries in Central America. However, like any travel destination, it’s essential to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

What Language Do They Speak in Costa Rica?

The official language spoken in Costa Rica is Spanish. Spanish is the country’s primary language for communication, government, education, and business. While Spanish is the dominant language, you may also find some English speakers in tourist areas, particularly in the hospitality and tourism industries.

What Currency Does Costa Rica Use?

Costa Rica’s official currency is the Costa Rican Colón, often denoted by the symbol “₡” or the code “CRC”. However, despite the official currency, US dollars are widely accepted in many tourist areas, and it’s common for businesses, hotels, and restaurants to display prices in both Colónes and US dollars.

What Should You Wear in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, wear lightweight clothing like t-shirts, shorts, and dresses in breathable materials. Use sandals or water-resistant shoes for beaches and closed-toe or hiking sandals for activities. Sun protection with a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen is vital. Also, pack lightweight long-sleeve clothes for insect protection and cooler evenings.

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