Our world is incredibly varied. Remote Environment and Sustainability interns gain an international perspective on environmental issues while developing an ability to adapt to local needs. You will see how organizations in other countries are coping with the challenges of sustainability, loss of habitat, or a changing climate. Additionally, you’ll have the unique opportunity to meet and assist inspiring local experts who dedicate their lives to the preservation and protection of their local flora or fauna, and then use these ideas to further your understanding and grow within the field.


Featured VII Placements

Our experienced advisors will work with you to arrange a customized virtual internship that matches your interests and goals. Here are some examples of possible remote placements within Environment and Sustainability:


Work with an organization on the North coast of Peru to identify and characterize diseases and blights affecting dry forest native species. Intern responsibilities to include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive bibliographic review on the variety of diseases impacting the dry forest ecosystem of Northern Peru
  • Analyzing and writing reports on the potential implications to climate change

15-20 hours per week preferred.
Lambayeque, Peru



Contribute your time and efforts to an NGO dedicated to conserving the world's most precious resource - water. Endorsed by UNESCO, this organization focuses its water sustainability and education efforts in the Americas and the Caribbean. Interns conduct research and develop activities related to specific projects, including:

  • Working with the team to organize virtual workshops at local schools and businesses in Argentina about water
  • Organizing interactive activities to engage effectively with students and inspire continued interest in water sustainability efforts
  • Expanding the network of schools and businesses in Argentina participating in the educational program by conducting outreach efforts and following up with interested organizations

Buenos Aires - Argentina



Share your commitment to preserving our planet with an NGO that promotes initiatives related to environmental education and the protection of the natural resources of Patagonia and greater Argentina. This organization aims to ensure the preservation of the ecological balance and the nature of the Patagonian landscape by:

  • Developing environmental education programs for online delivery to local schools
  • Organizing virtual environmental initiatives working with local businesses in Argentina, including workshops on recycling, solid waste, water, energy, climate change, and biodiversity
  • Conducting research on reducing the negative ecological impact of the activities carried out in Patagonia and the rest of the country
  • Working with the team to influence policy in Argentina and incorporate environmental conservation within the political agendas and habits of society

Buenos Aires - Argentina



World Endeavors arranges unpaid internships. Specific virtual internship placements cannot be guaranteed. Once you’ve applied and enrolled, we will work closely with you and our in-country coordinator to arrange a virtual internship that matches your interests and goals.


Once you’ve submitted your application, your dedicated internship advisor will get in touch to guide you through next steps. Placements can be secured in as short as 2 weeks.

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