Participating in a World Endeavors Accounting internship abroad is one of the best ways to experience the depth and variety of the field. Internship opportunities cover the full spectrum of international accounting jobs, from helping small businesses meet their financial needs to learning the ins and outs of major international firms. During the course of their internship, international accounting interns may find themselves assisting with the preparation of financial reports and tax returns for businesses and individuals, maintaining and updating accounting records, or participating in meetings with clients to determine their accounting needs. Interns may also do some research and provide administrative support for their supervisors and colleagues.



As the world gets smaller, accountants with a global perspective of their field become increasingly valuable, especially if they plan to work for companies with an international presence. Employers know applicants who have interned abroad have strong communication skills and are willing and able to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances. These traits are crucial for gaining an edge in this competitive field.



Accountants don’t just work with numbers—they work with people. Aspiring professionals in the field of accounting must develop good communication skills and confidence interacting professionally with others as well as a strong foundation in the technical skills of accounting. Good organization skills and self-direction will also help international accounting interns get the most out of their experience abroad.



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