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International Internships in Nonprofit Management

Do you want to make a difference and have a lasting impact on the world? A nonprofit management internship provides interns with the opportunity to be thrown into the depth of sustainable community work and explore their desire to provide impactful services. A day in the life of a nonprofit intern may include preparing and writing grant documents, researching issues, preparing reports, or assisting with promotional work for fundraising and community outreach events.

Discover the global atmosphere of nonprofit management as an intern abroad. Nonprofit management internships abroad expose interns to the work environment of nonprofit organizations, and help them to learn about how nonprofits function. At the same time, nonprofit internships give interns new, unique cultural perspectives in a completely different country. Our nonprofit interns require interns to work both independently as well as within a team, to meet client and community needs. All of these experiences are invaluable in an outreach-driven field like nonprofit work.


While interning abroad in nonprofit management, interns can expect to delve into the differing ways nonprofits work in local communities, while providing high quality services that matter. As an intern you will learn crucial management skills, from decision-making to problem solving, as you assist nonprofits in identifying and implementing strategic solutions.

We offer internships in some of the top nonprofit management destinations in the world, like France and South Africa, as well as unique locations like the Czech Republic and Morocco.


  • Boost your resume with a nonprofit internship that shows care for community, meaningful work, and sustainability
  • Do hands-on work and contribute to meaningful projects
  • Grow through exposure to new cultures and environments
  • Gain first-hand communication experience with clients, supporters, donors, brands, etc
  • Make a difference and lasting impact by helping your host organization

Every World Endeavors Internship Program Includes

Our internships are as unique as the countries that host them, but there are program features that unify all of our internship experiences.


  • Professional customized internship placement
  • Year-round program availability
  • Flexible durations from 2 to 6 months


  • Resume clinic and interview skills workshop
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Professional competencies development


  • Variety of options available – host family, shared apartment, student residence
  • Vetted and selected with quality, safety and proximity to your placement in mind


  • Re-entry handbook and support
  • Academic credit facilitation
  • Post-program assistance with resume updates and completion certificate
  • World Endeavors Alumni Network


  • Dedicated one-on-one advisor
  • Local on-site coordinator
  • Internship placement supervisor


  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance
  • Mental Health First Aid-certified staff
  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance
  • Professional liability insurance

Our Top Intern Abroad Destinations

World Endeavors volunteers support communities in several destinations in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. Our programs are located in a variety of sites, including urban and rural, economically developed and developing, and English-speaking and non-English speaking.

How to choose the best Internship program

Choosing your internship program is easy when you evaluate your priorities. Follow these steps to guide you toward your ideal program.

Explore a New Career

Interning abroad offers a great opportunity to explore your professional and personal interests, and help define your career path. Peruse our internship fields and past examples to find the best fit.

Choose Your Dream Destination

Finding a meaningful way to combine interning and travel to your dream location is a big incentive. Carefully consider which destinations suit your interests and international internship goals.

Improve Language Skills

Immersing yourself in a language-rich environment is the ultimate method for developing fluency. If language-learning is your goal, favor destinations that use your language of choice.

Fit your budget

Explore scholarships and financial aid to determine if these may impact your destination options. Consider the overall cost of the program and cost of living in-country to identify the optimal match.

Try our program finder to filter based on your choices.


Nonprofit Management Internship FAQs

What does management consist of in a nonprofit internship?

Nonprofit management consists of working closely with directors, board members, and departmental teams to supervise, manage, and lead projects. Internships in nonprofits abroad will also require interns to navigate international teams and direct progress with clear communication to nonprofit staff as well as the community at large, whilst being sensitive to cultural differences.

Are internships at nonprofits worth it?

Nonprofit Internships are an experience many will attest to being worthwhile, as nonprofit work is some of the most rewarding and helpful work anyone can do. Nonprofit management internships focus on matters of public and private interest to benefit matters of charity, art, community, politics, religion research, social issues, and so much more.

Does an internship at a nonprofit mean the internship is free?

Nonprofit interns participate operating for a collective, public, or social benefit, in contrast to a business operating for profit. This does not, however in term mean the cost of internship is free, as it is an investment into a future prospective employer and career. The opportunity to equip interns with invaluable skills through direct engagement with their desired fields of interest is what World Endeavors prides itself on providing participants – giving them the chance to put themselves out there!

How does World Endeavors ensure nonprofit internships are sustainable?

It is our primary mission at World Endeavors to engage in sustainable programs, so we work only with organizations that are invested in meaningful, sustainable projects. We take a local approach to set up internships, getting into the roots, culture, and customs of host countries, so interns understand the workings of sustainability from grassroots to the international scale.

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How to apply for an Internship Abroad

You’ve decided to intern abroad – congratulations! Applying for your World Endeavors program is easy and stress-free. Get ready to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!


Research and compare. If you can’t decide on a program, we can guide you toward the best fit.


Fill out our online application form to share all your relevant details with our team.


Receive your official acceptance and enroll. We’ll give you all the info you need to get ready!


You’ve researched, planned and saved. Now you’re ready to gain skills and grow your network abroad!