World Endeavors International Youth Development interns have the chance to make a difference in the lives of young people by providing opportunities to engage in constructive activities, be involved in their communities, and take pride in their own skills, actions, and successes. As an added perk, they also gain valuable career experience in their field. Working alongside experienced youth workers, interns assist with activities and projects that may include developing and implementing training workshops, coaching sports teams, putting on plays, and planning family night activities. Some interns work at summer or winter educational camps, where they help plan activities and field trips.



With a World Endeavors Youth Development internship abroad, there is ample opportunity for interns to gain a unique understanding of how challenges which may seem unrelated to youth development are actually inexorably tied to the goal of meeting the needs of today’s children. Interning in another country offers unique insight into youth development requirements and approaches within different communities and cultures. Youth development interns gain greater cultural fluency and a broader perspective on the trials and rewards of this field.



Working with youth successfully takes much patience and energy; however, the flexibility and adaptability to handle changing conditions and factors out of one’s control are also incredibly important. Interns should be receptive to experiencing and using new and different approaches of working with youth. Interns will also need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills and the willingness to work varying hours, depending on the organization where they are placed.



Intern in Argentina

Intern in Costa Rica

Intern in Czech Republic

Intern in Ecuador

Intern in Ireland

Intern in Italy

Intern in Morocco

Intern in South Africa

Intern in Spain

Intern in Thailand



Jeremy was an intern in Thailand with World Endeavors, where she interned in Youth Development and assisted at an organization that works with children living in disadvantaged communities.

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