World Endeavors Social Work interns have the chance to use their unique skill set to combat problems in the community head-on in a way that can have a global impact. International social work interns usually work with nonprofit or government organizations, assisting with public outreach and education programs or working with individual clients. Interns may help counsel clients and provide them with resources, prepare reports for funding agencies, update and manage client files, or help develop and deliver public awareness programs. Some research and administrative support work may also be part of interns’ responsibilities.



Interning abroad is one of the best ways to learn about the variety of social challenges facing communities around the world and the ways social workers meet those challenges. Interns learn about the day-to-day work of social welfare and outreach as well as how to work effectively with different cultural values. Having an international internship on a résumé indicates self-motivation, commitment to the social work field, and the ability to adapt to a variety of circumstances.



Good communication and interpersonal skills are particularly important in social work internships. Interns should be adaptable, organized, patient, self-motivated, and willing to adapt to the culture and conditions of the country where the internship takes place. Depending on where they are placed, some interns may need to work unconventional hours.



Intern in Argentina

Intern in Australia

Intern in Costa Rica

Intern in Czech Republic

Intern in Ecuador

Intern in England

Intern in France

Intern in Italy

Intern in Morocco

Intern in South Africa

Intern in Spain

Intern in Thailand



Julia is from Seattle, Washington and went to London, England to complete a Social Work internship. Learn more about the impact this experience had on her life in her own words, and where she is now!

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