World Endeavors Eldercare volunteers provide day-to-day support for senior citizens at nursing homes and other eldercare facilities in communities around the world. With increasing economic pressures and shifting family roles in many countries, traditional ways of caring for the elderly have become difficult to maintain, leaving many senior citizens without a support network. Volunteers spend time with nursing home residents, teaching them English, learning their language, sharing stories, and playing games. Volunteers also provide support for local staff, assisting with meal preparation, cleaning, or laundry. In the process, volunteers build relationships and gain unique insights into the past, present, and future of their host countries.



Assisting with eldercare is one of the most meaningful ways for volunteers to connect with communities abroad. Members of the host community are grateful for the assistance that volunteers give to care providers and the attention they give to seniors. By getting to know senior citizens and hearing their stories, volunteers gain insight into the local culture while having the satisfaction of knowing that their time and efforts are being put to good use.



Eldercare volunteering projects are a good fit for participants from all backgrounds who wish to make a difference in the lives of senior citizens. Knowledge of the local language may be helpful, but participants who do not speak the language can also contribute their skills and energy. Likewise, while prior experience working with the elderly is useful, it is not required for participation in an eldercare volunteer project



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