Summer is one of the most convenient times to study, intern, or volunteer abroad. For students with busy schedules during the school year, the summer break is a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra credits within their field of study or explore other subjects. A summer internship helps students gain valuable work experience without taking time away from their studies, and our summer volunteering programs are a great way to contribute time to helping others while gaining international experience.


Interning abroad with World Endeavors is a way to get experience and an international perspective on a potential career field, all while having the adventure of living abroad. Much more than a summer job, an internship offers the chance to learn new skills and acquire a depth of experience that participants can carry into the next semester’s studies or into a job search.



Many World Endeavors Study Abroad programs offer special sessions during the summer, giving students the chance to deepen their studies and get new perspectives they can bring back to their classes when the academic year starts again. Summer study programs are great for students who need to finish their major requirements at their home institutions or who have many commitments during the school year but don’t want to miss the chance to study abroad.



Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to put the summer break to good use helping others. World Endeavors Volunteer Abroad programs give participants from many backgrounds and levels of experience the chance to lend a hand where it is most needed. These programs can alter participants’ perspectives on the world and inspire in them a new sense of the difference they can make. Our Volunteering programs have flexible start times and can be as short as one to two weeks, so they can fit into anyone’s summer break plans.