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Nadine originally planned to intern abroad in Morocco with World Endeavors during the summer of 2021, but when her university cancelled student travel due to Covid, she pivoted to a virtual internship instead!

As part of her program, she took 30 hours of one-on-one Arabic classes with a local instructor over Skype. Her International Relations internship was with a private Moroccan educational institution and her project centered on the use of feature films and documentaries in the promotion and teaching of Human Rights. Read more about her experience in her own words here:

“It was my dream to intern abroad, especially after my first study abroad experience during my sophomore year of college. However, due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I opted to intern abroad remotely with World Endeavors.

Morocco Nadine Brochure Draft cropped

Brochure for the Human Rights Film Festival Nadine worked on

During this internship, I not only gained relevant professional and international experience, but I had so much fun, learned plenty, and made more great international connections – just like my first experience abroad in person! For these reasons, I think more people should consider remote international experiences such as my remote internship in Morocco because, not only are experiences abroad so important and such an asset in today’s job market, but this is a great choice for students who cannot/do not wish to go abroad quite yet, but still want to engage in a host culture and community abroad, while learning new skills and getting real-life work experience.

Not to mention, with the help of scholarships and financial aid, these programs can be super affordable and end up costing much less than an in-person overseas experience.

All in all, this internship was an awesome experience, and granted me everything I was hoping for, including greater knowledge of the political and social spheres in Morocco and improved Arabic, French and Darija language skills.

Morocco Nadine homework example

One of Nadine’s Arabic assignments

Plus, thanks to the relationships I was able to cultivate during my remote internship, I hope to go abroad to meet my internship team and professors from my virtual internship in person someday soon – something both I and my supervisors and professors are looking forward to!”

Morocco Nadine program resources list

Research list on films for the festival

If you’d like to participate in a virtual international internship like Nadine, visit our Virtual International Internships page and submit your free application! We’d love to work with you to arrange a skill-building, rewarding, professional internship experience with a company or organization abroad that matches your interests and goals.

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