Having a global understanding of healthcare is vital in this day and age. Attitudes towards healthcare education, techniques, and delivery vary widely between countries. Having a sound understanding of the field with an international perspective will help you be the best healthcare professional you can be. Virtual Health & Life Sciences internships allow you to learn about the field in a more holistic way, from global experts. Throughout your internship, you will build your professional network and boost your knowledge about the field of healthcare – all from a virtual perspective – which will help you to succeed in this challenging field and provide unique experience to set you apart.


Featured VII Placements

Our experienced advisors will work with you to arrange a customized virtual internship that matches your interests and goals. Here are some examples of possible remote placements within Health and Life Sciences:


Hone your skills in data analysis with this exciting medical technology project launched by medical doctors, computer scientists and engineers collaborating virtually across borders from Australia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Argentina, USA and Israel. The specific project will be tailored to the intern's relevant experience, but may include:

  • Studying the architectural and statistical framework of chronological pathology blood mapping, by employing an algorithm software program that uses human blood biochemistry and historical pathology reactions
  • Compare study findings to a large number of parameters within digital big data to statistically detect, evaluate, appraise, analyze and predict human health conditions
  • Utilize this data to determine possible effective medical and lifestyle interventions to minimize the probability of severe illness

Minimum 2 years university study in biochemistry or medicine required.
Sydney - Australia



Join a multiple award-winning tech-based SME that creates innovative technology solutions for front-line healthcare workers, primarily to improve quality standards and patient safety. Established already in world-leading hospitals in the UK and Ireland, this company has set its sights on selling into the global healthcare market. Intern activities could include:

  • Creating SOPs for repeatable tasks
  • Building and regularly entering data into marketing performance dashboards
  • Cleaning and organizing the CRM
  • Sales outreach via email and LinkedIn
  • Auditing the current sales and marketing collateral and making suggestions to support the sales team
  • Curating and scheduling posts for social media marketing
  • Generating promotional email and event campaigns
  • Categorizing and planning future learning and support content to meet customer training needs
    Dublin - Ireland




Gain experience with an organization that provides support to people with aphasia, a communication disorder usually caused by stroke or brain injury. As this placement is remote, intern responsibilities could include:

  • Conducting research on aphasia, such as causes and therapeutic interventions
  • Assisting the team with a variety of institutional projects
  • Curating content for and managing social media accounts

Buenos Aires - Argentina



Contribute your remote research skills to an academic institution devoted to scientific, evidence-based research, education, and technical cooperation in healthcare in order to improve the efficiency, equity, quality, and sustainability of healthcare services in Argentina and the Southern Cone.
This is a unique opportunity to bring your own research ideas, and the organization will provide any necessary scientific support to run the project successfully.
Advanced Spanish language skills required.
Buenos Aires - Argentina



World Endeavors arranges unpaid internships. Specific virtual internship placements cannot be guaranteed. Once you’ve applied and enrolled, we will work closely with you and our in-country coordinator to arrange a virtual internship that matches your interests and goals.


Once you’ve submitted your application, your dedicated internship advisor will get in touch to guide you through next steps. Placements can be secured in as short as 2 weeks.

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