Teaching volunteers on a World Endeavors program provide increased educational opportunities for children and adults in communities around the world. Volunteers provide classroom instruction in English and other subjects, and may also do small-group or individual tutoring outside class. Most teaching volunteers work in primary or secondary schools, though some volunteer opportunities are available with adults as well. Some volunteers begin their placement by assisting in a classroom, and then gradually take over responsibility for teaching a lesson or a whole class. Other volunteers assume responsibility for their own classrooms from the beginning of their placements. Volunteers can develop and implement creative lesson plans and lead after-school activities such as art, music, theater, sports, or gardening.



Teaching volunteers have a direct impact on their host communities by interacting daily with local students and educators. Whether they work with primary students, secondary students, or adults, teaching volunteers contribute their enthusiasm and skills to address some of the most pressing needs of their host communities. International teaching projects give volunteers a new perspective on the world and on education, while broadening the horizons of students and providing local teachers with needed and much-appreciated assistance.



Volunteers with an interest in teaching, an education background, or simply a desire to make a difference to international communities are well suited to a World Endeavors volunteer project in teaching. World Endeavors Teaching volunteers are enthusiastic about being immersed in the hands-on work of education and about making a direct difference in the lives of children internationally. Successful teaching volunteers are patient, creative, and ready to adapt to unfamiliar cultures and educational settings.



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Carlo volunteered with us back in 2018, teaching middle school students near Colombo and a group of younk monks at a Buddhist temple.

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Arielle Fiji class group

Arielle volunteered in Fiji for 6 weeks starting January 2020 before heading home early due to the pandemic. Learn about the experience she gained in teaching, the wonderful connections she made, and the countless memories from her time in this stunning island in Oceania!

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Teaching in Tanzania

Alessandro participated in a teaching volunteer project in Tanzania, and has shared his reflections about his experience in Italian, or translated into English.

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coast line in costa rica

Tara is from Houston, Texas and volunteered in Costa Rica. As a volunteer, Tara had the opportunity to work in a school and teach local children. 

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