World Endeavors Special Education volunteers contribute meaningfully to the lives of children and adults with special needs by assisting in schools and other settings in whatever capacity is needed. Tasks in local schools and children’s group homes may include assisting teachers and staff in the classroom, providing one-on-one or small group tutoring, helping children with specific projects, or providing basic care. Volunteers may also organize extracurricular activities such as music, art, and gardening. In some cases, volunteers provide assistance to adults with special needs, helping them with daily tasks or working on skills they can use at jobs and in everyday life. Through all their activities, volunteers help to provide positive, enriching experiences for individuals in a special education environment.



Special education volunteers make a difference to some of the most vulnerable members of their host communities. Oftentimes, schools serving children with special needs face budget restrictions and are understaffed. Volunteers can help alleviate these strains and support full-time staff in providing meaningful educational opportunities for all children. Volunteer projects can also make a difference for special education in the long term as the presence of international volunteers can help draw local attention and support.



Volunteers with an interest in working with children with special needs are welcome to participate in a special education project through World Endeavors. Prior experience working in special education and knowledge of the local language are helpful, but not required. However, participants should possess a sincere interest in promoting educational equality and improving the lives of people with special needs. Special education volunteers bring to their projects patience, compassion, flexibility, and eagerness to make a direct difference in the lives of the children they serve.



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