World Endeavors International Journalism interns get right into the heart of the news production process. Interns work for magazines, newspapers, or media agencies, often assisting with English-language publications in countries where English is not the primary language. Many interns have opportunities to write articles, report on local events, and liaise with the public. Other possible responsibilities include planning and coordinating meetings, writing publicity and marketing materials, developing web pages, and creating and distributing monthly newsletters. Some administrative support work may also be included in the internship.



The field of journalism is changing fast as technology changes the way we obtain and process information. Interns have the chance to get direct experience with the news creation process, learning the ropes of reporting and of working within a news organization. And by working abroad, interns become better informed about the world and ready to report on international issues.



Strong communication skills—written and spoken—are crucial in this field. International journalism interns must be prepared to live and work in unfamiliar surroundings and to work unconventional hours as needed. Interns should be organized and self-motivated, be prepared to work individually and in teams, and have a strong interest in the field.



Intern in Argentina

Intern in Australia

Intern in Chile

Intern in China

Intern in England

Intern in France

Intern in India

Intern in Ireland

Intern in Italy

Intern in Mexico

Intern in Morocco

Intern in South Africa

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