World Endeavors interns in the field of international relations work for organizations engaged with issues of global importance, such as human rights, globalization, humanitarian action, and international economic development. The tasks of the internship may include assisting with research on international policy, drafting and fact-checking reports, writing grant applications, or assisting with public awareness efforts. Internship tasks may also include some administrative support work.



There is perhaps no field in which it is more valuable to have experience working abroad than international relations. Working abroad gives interns the perspective to understand the scale and the stakes of international issues, and it gives them the cultural vocabulary needed to work for companies or organizations with an international presence. And in a competitive job market, having international work experience on a résumé demonstrates a job seeker’s adaptability to new circumstances and commitment to the field.



Prospective interns should be self-motivated, organized, and strongly interested in working on international issues. Good communication skills are a must. Successful interns should be able to adapt to living and working in unfamiliar circumstances and able to meet deadlines both independently and as part of a team.



Intern in Argentina

Intern in Czech Republic

Intern in England

Intern in France

Intern in Ireland

Intern in Morocco

Intern in South Africa

Intern in Spain

Intern in Thailand


World Endeavors intern in France, AJ in front of Sacre Coeur

AJ spent 6 months in Paris during the spring of 2021, and loved every second of it! He focused on studying French for the first several months, followed by an International Relations internship placement with a nonprofit organization. Read about his time in Paris, what it was like to live there during the pandemic lockdowns, and what he learned in La Ville Lumière.

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