The World Endeavors Intern in Thailand is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable work experience while being immersed in this distinctive country and culture. Thailand earned its reputation as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world through its gorgeous landscape, beautiful culture, relaxed lifestyle, and the truly warm-hearted nature of its people. Students and graduates who choose to do an internship in this Southeast Asian destination have the opportunity to build their resume through a meaningful work experience in a growing market.


World Endeavors offers internships in a wide range of professional fields in Thailand, and our advisors are proud of their ability to find great opportunities in unique and highly specialized fields.


Featured Fields

Hospitality Management

Information Technology

Urban Planning

Other fields offered in Thailand include:



Do you want to earn academic credit for your international internship? Nearly half of World Endeavors participants earn credit while interning abroad. Many students are required to participate in an internship to fulfill a requirement for their degree program. World Endeavors works closely with students and their academic advisors to ensure that our program meets those requirements. If you don’t fall into that category there is another exciting option for you. Through our collaboration with University of California Berkeley, students can earn UC Berkeley credit by taking one of two online courses while interning abroad.University of California Berkeley



Dates & Costs

Internships are available year-round, with flexible start dates and durations. Public holidays and seasonal work availability may impact certain start dates in some locations.

Please wait until after you are accepted into the program and you have received the confirmed arrival and departure dates before you book your flight

Please note: generally, the minimum program duration for interning in Thailand is 2 months. Contact World Endeavors if you would like to go for a shorter duration.

Program Name First Month Each Additional Month
Intern In Thailand $3,190 $1,290

**Quarantine housing may incur an additional fee of up to US $650. Please contact us for more information.


  • Dedicated Program Advisor
  • Customized Internship placement
  • Flexible durations from 2 to 6 months with year-round start dates
  • Academic credit facilitation
  • Local On-site Coordinator with 24/7 availability; pre and post arrival orientation
  • Personalized Program Success Plan with ongoing coaching
  • Re-entry Handbook and Support
  • Thai language instruction: 6 hours
  • Airport reception and welcome
  • Shared apartment accommodations
  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance
  • Travel protection



  • Round-trip airfare to Thailand
  • Additional meals
  • Visa expenses
  • Optional trips and excursions
  • Daily transportation
  • Personal expenses



  • World Endeavors interns should be 18 years or older and should have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the start of their program.
  • Keep in mind that all countries have different visa restrictions for varying types of passports.
  • It is recommended to have a background in your desired internship field, but not absolutely required. Internship placement opportunities increase with experience or relevant coursework.

How To Apply
Housing & Location

World Endeavors interns in Thailand live with local host families in shared or single rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. For some internship placements, interns will live in a single or shared apartment. Utilities and meals are not included in apartment accommodations. Housing is located in close proximity to public transportation, which, in Bangkok, includes buses, subways, boats, and even an elevated Skytrain.


Bangkok is a city unlike any other. As one of the largest metropolitan areas in Asia, Bangkok is a bustling, thriving city that pulses with the everyday energy of millions of people who call it home and the equally large population of international visitors. To live in Bangkok is to truly be at the heart of the action and to get a sense of the world coming together to work, play, and exchange ideas.




Jeremy was an intern in Thailand with World Endeavors, where she interned in Youth Development and assisted at an organization that works with children living in disadvantaged communities.

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“During my stay here in Thailand I have only felt welcome and at home. The people, environment, culture, the smiles and laughs make this place something to remember.”

- Junpei, Volunteer in Thailand

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