Many communities in developing countries lack access to adequate healthcare. World Endeavors volunteer projects in healthcare aim to support health clinics and hospitals in these communities. Volunteers provide support and services, including record-keeping, helping patients to and from procedures, making beds, sanitation, and helping to keep long-term pediatric patients occupied and active. In certain countries, we can also arrange opportunities to gain experience in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy — providing hippotherapy and hydrotherapy services for children with special needs, or leading patients through exercises at a nursing home under the supervision of trained therapists. Those with compassion and a genuine desire to advocate for the health of vulnerable populations will find plenty of rewarding work through a World Endeavors Healthcare volunteer project.



Volunteering in healthcare abroad is a great way to learn about different health practices and to work hands-on with local community members. For aspiring healthcare professionals, volunteering abroad is a valuable way to gain experience and a better cross-cultural understanding of the field. Participants from many different backgrounds can find these projects rewarding and inspiring.



World Endeavors Healthcare volunteers are committed to supporting local clinics and hospitals. It’s important for all volunteers to be patient, adaptable, and willing to take instruction. Healthcare volunteers do not provide direct patient care or treatment but are there to observe and assist local licensed professionals as they provide care to patients.



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