A wide variety of placements are available in the financial sector, from major investment banks to the financial departments of small companies. World Endeavors International Finance interns may research and produce quarterly reports, assist with budgeting and financial planning, update financial documents, attend meetings, or review financial policies and procedures. In addition, finance interns may gain experience with financial auditing, accounts payable duties, preparing month-end reports and financial analysis, or system improvements. In smaller companies, interns may assist in multiple departments, learning about the sales, financial, and administrative aspects of the business. Finance interns may also provide administrative support for the finance department of their host company.



Finance is a competitive field, and it is important to pursue the best opportunities to build a dynamic résumé. A finance internship abroad not only teaches interns about the basics of working in finance, but also equips them with the flexibility and global perspective needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing financial world.



To be successful as a finance intern abroad, it is important to have strong skills in communication, research, problem-solving, creative thinking, and working in groups. An academic background in accounting or finance or previous work experience in the field can help secure more competitive placements. Attention to detail, a willingness to adjust to a new culture, and comfort with a fast-paced work environment will all help make an internship successful.



Intern in Argentina

Intern in Australia

Intern in Czech Republic

Intern in Spain



Erica is from Lakeville, Minnesota and went to Sydney, Australia to complete an internship in Finance and Accounting. 

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