The event management field changes from place to place and from day to day, depending on the project at hand. Interning abroad in event management is a great way for aspiring professionals to develop flexibility and an ability to adapt to changing circumstances, two essential skills for working in this dynamic field. International event management interns may work on events such as weddings, festivals, conferences, lectures, concerts, or exhibitions. Projects in this field may include creating promotional materials, producing estimates for an event, communicating with vendors, or maintaining relationships with clients and prospective clients. Some administrative support and research tasks may also be included.



International event management interns work directly with local people and businesses in their host country. Few fields are more varied or offer more opportunities for creativity and resourcefulness. Interns who pursue event management internships abroad learn the skills they’ll need to succeed in this field, such as thinking on their feet, keeping large projects organized, and working with other people to achieve results. Future employers will know that the intern has these skills and is able to adapt productively to unfamiliar situations and cultures.



Event planners must have the ability to understand and implement their client’s goals for a special event, which makes communication and interpersonal skills especially important in this field. Interns will need to be self-motivated, organized, and reliable, and they must be willing to work some evening or weekend hours, depending on the needs of each project.



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