World Endeavors Community Development programs connect volunteers with the most pressing needs of their host communities. Many volunteers provide job skills training for the unemployed or teach subjects like computer skills and English, while others assist with community assistance programs like soup kitchens and shelters. Some volunteers also work on improving community infrastructure. Often, volunteers connect with local organizations that work to support marginalized groups and promote social justice. These projects provide an unparalleled opportunity for volunteers to make a difference and help communities around the world realize their full potential.



Participants in community development programs do hands-on work that leaves a lasting impact on communities in need. Assisting with challenges that have no simple solutions, volunteers learn about persisting in the face of difficulties and contributing their efforts toward creating necessary, far-reaching change. After volunteering, participants bring home an expanded awareness of important issues and help shed light on the situations of developing communities worldwide.



No special skills or experience are required for these projects, but many kinds of skills can be put to use. Volunteers with expertise in computing, cooking, business, and many other areas can often put this knowledge to work assisting their host communities. Volunteers with or without knowledge of the local language can contribute to these projects. World Endeavors Community Development volunteers enjoy engaging in grassroots efforts to provide communities with new ideas and opportunities.



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