Communications is a diverse and exciting field, and World Endeavors interns in this area may work in journalism, public relations, marketing, corporate communications, or media production. Some interns design websites and plan marketing campaigns, while others organize publicity events, write press releases, and develop and implement communications strategies. Depending on their host country, interns may be involved with their company’s English-language communications, or they may help translate web content or marketing materials. Interns may also be responsible for administrative support and research.



The communications field is all about understanding different perspectives and effectively conveying a message that will reach the intended audience. Completing an internship abroad is one of the best ways to acquire these skills while gaining hands-on experience with cross-cultural communication. An internship abroad is also a powerful résumé item, demonstrating a high degree of motivation and adaptability.



Interns in this field must have good written and oral communications skills. Whether or not they speak the language of their host country, successful interns are good listeners and thoughtful speakers who are able to consider different perspectives. Because the communications field is so diverse, it is beneficial for interns to be flexible and willing to adapt to various situations. Self-motivation, good organizational skills, and a strong interest in communications will all help participants have a positive experience interning abroad.



Intern in Argentina

Intern in Australia

Intern in Czech Republic

Intern in England

Intern in France

Intern in Ireland

Intern in Italy

Intern in South Africa

Intern in Spain

Intern in Thailand



View of Sydney in Australia off the back of a boat

Evin is from Issaquah, Washington and went to Sydney, Australia to complete an internship in Communications.

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