World Endeavors Advertising interns have the chance to experience the many processes that go toward building a successful advertising campaign. These include researching and analyzing market trends, strategizing on brand image, and planning new marketing initiatives. Advertising internship tasks can include participating in online advertising projects, developing media kits, designing print advertisements, conducting client research, assisting with copywriting, or providing administrative support. Throughout their internships, advertising interns learn more about international media and the unique approaches of advertisers around the globe.



Few fields require as much cultural literacy as advertising, particularly in today’s world where an advertising campaign can have a global reach. When designing an ad or a campaign, advertisers have to know how readers or viewers will respond to their materials. Living and working abroad is one of the best ways to learn to read cultural cues and communicate in a new medium.



It is helpful for interns to have strong writing skills and familiarity with the most common word processing and desktop publishing programs. Experience with copywriting and with designing websites or page layouts can be helpful as well, though it is not a requirement for participation. Participants with a balance of drive, openness, and flexibility tend to thrive in advertising internships.



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