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International Internships in Law

An internship in law is an exciting venture into multiple grounds that offers extensive learning and a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to grow a wide-spanning impact in the way legislature is created today. World Endeavors’ law internships present interns with depth into current international affairs as they intern internationally, developing unique and original perspectives through varying tasks and engagement. Researching and preparing briefs, summarizing court documents, organizing files, reviewing client documents, whilst also possibly assisting with preparing a case for court, are just some of the highlighted responsibilities of interns that contribute to building a professional lawyer.

Law is a competitive field requiring strong-willed individuals ready to put the work in, and who are flexible both independently and within a team. Perseverance, determination and adaptability are key in working progressively through new environments and culture.


As law practices vary internationally, World Endeavors caters to law interns with programs abroad that expose interns to new countries, familiarizing them with different work cultures and getting hands-on experience working in a law office. An international legal internship is a powerful résumé item, demonstrating commitment to working in law and ability to adapt to new situations.

We offer internships in some of the top law destinations in the world, like England and Spain, as well as unique locations like the Czech Republic and Argentina.


  • Gain a powerful resume in international law
  • Become adept in differing forms of legislature
  • Discover unique environments, culture and customs in host country amidst your internship
  • Engage with legal issues of local and global importance
  • Assist with research on international policy, researching and preparing briefs, summarizing court documents, organizing files, and reviewing client documents
  • Prepare a cases for court developing your communication and interpersonal skills

Every World Endeavors Internship Program Includes

Our internships are as unique as the countries that host them, but there are program features that unify all of our internship experiences.


  • Professional customized internship placement
  • Year-round program availability
  • Flexible durations from 2 to 6 months


  • Resume clinic and interview skills workshop
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Professional competencies development


  • Variety of options available – host family, shared apartment, student residence
  • Vetted and selected with quality, safety and proximity to your placement in mind


  • Re-entry handbook and support
  • Academic credit facilitation
  • Post-program assistance with resume updates and completion certificate
  • World Endeavors Alumni Network


  • Dedicated one-on-one advisor
  • Local on-site coordinator
  • Internship placement supervisor


  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance
  • Mental Health First Aid-certified staff
  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance
  • Professional liability insurance

Our Top Intern Abroad Destinations

World Endeavors volunteers support communities in several destinations in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. Our programs are located in a variety of sites, including urban and rural, economically developed and developing, and English-speaking and non-English speaking.

How to choose the best Internship program

Choosing your internship program is easy when you evaluate your priorities. Follow these steps to guide you toward your ideal program.

Explore a New Career

Interning abroad offers a great opportunity to explore your professional and personal interests, and help define your career path. Peruse our internship fields and past examples to find the best fit.

Choose Your Dream Destination

Finding a meaningful way to combine interning and travel to your dream location is a big incentive. Carefully consider which destinations suit your interests and international internship goals.

Improve Language Skills

Immersing yourself in a language-rich environment is the ultimate method for developing fluency. If language-learning is your goal, favor destinations that use your language of choice.

Fit your budget

Explore scholarships and financial aid to determine if these may impact your destination options. Consider the overall cost of the program and cost of living in-country to identify the optimal match.

Try our program finder to filter based on your choices.


Law Internship FAQs

Do law interns get paid?

Our legal internships aim to provide a once in a lifetime experience whilst empowering you in the development of a skillset that sets you apart from the competition. Therefore, our law internships are unpaid, as the opportunity of international exposure is a high investment in fulfilling future prospects and an invaluable item on any resume.

Can I intern in law abroad?

Yes! Browse through our law internship programs to select your desired destination and choose a program to intern abroad in law that suits your interests.

What are future career prospects for a law intern?

A law internship provides reference of supervised work experience, formal training and developmental activity. Therefore, many prospects are leveraged with the company you have worked with to future employees who can see you have worked in a professional setting. Being supported by companies and supervisors provides interns with networking opportunities and scalable growth within their field.

How does World Endeavors keep their interns safe abroad?

World Endeavors prioritizes interns’ safety through several measures to maintain a risk averse attitude and ensure support systems throughout its programs. Refer to our health and safety page to find out more about our procedures in place to ensure intern safety abroad.

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How to apply for an Internship Abroad

You’ve decided to intern abroad – congratulations! Applying for your World Endeavors program is easy and stress-free. Get ready to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!


Research and compare. If you can’t decide on a program, we can guide you toward the best fit.


Fill out our online application form to share all your relevant details with our team.


Receive your official acceptance and enroll. We’ll give you all the info you need to get ready!


You’ve researched, planned and saved. Now you’re ready to gain skills and grow your network abroad!

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