On the border between historic Eastern Europe and economically-driven Western Europe, the Czech Republic offers the perfect dichotomous culture. Gothic cathedrals and medieval castles dot the countryside, while the thoroughly modern Czech economy consistently keeps pace with Western Europe’s economic strides. Although occasionally occupied, few large battles took place within the borders of the Czech Republic, making its cities among the best-preserved in Europe. Now much more than just the geographic hub of Europe, the Czech Republic is home to a booming industrial market and has become a beautiful and affordable destination for European and worldwide visitors.



World Endeavors currently offers the following program in the Czech Republic:

The World Endeavors Intern in the Czech Republic program is located in Prague, the beautiful and historic capital of this country.

Intern in the Czech Republic




“It was the perfect hybrid of East and West Europe. The city of Prague has a very eerie, Gothic feel that felt so rich in history. It is a city that rivals Paris and London, but without the tourists. I think it's the perfect destination for someone who appreciates off the beaten path destinations but wants to experience Europe.”

- Kate, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

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