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English-speaking placements

Perhaps you don’t speak another language, and that’s okay! Or, maybe you simply want to focus on the actual internship aspect of the program rather than worrying about your language level. That’s fine, too! Either way, you’re looking for an English-speaking internship, and World Endeavors is here to help. Australia, England, and Ireland are great options, but if you’re looking for something a little different – consider the Czech Republic. While the official language is Czech, companies often operate in English, and you will have no trouble at all communicating with your supervisor and colleagues!



One word: Prague

There’s no denying that this capital city has become an increasingly popular destination for students and travelers. While the Czech Republic is a relatively new country, Prague has been a political, cultural, and economic hub of the European continent for over 1,100 years! It’s easy to feel transported through time as you walk along narrow cobblestone streets, feasting your eyes on the beautiful Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture. Prague has a little something for everyone –dive into the culture by exploring the many museums, beer halls, and theaters as well as the delicious cuisine! Interns in Prague will be welcomed by the friendly Czech people, who are incredibly proud of their history and are happy to point you in the direction of their favorite restaurant, café, or attraction.



Choose from a unique variety of internship fields

World Endeavors is proud to offer a wide variety of internships across all of our locations. With over 20 different options in the Czech Republic, this location is an especially great choice for anyone seeking a placement in an uncommon field. Highlights include Engineering, Interior Design, Veterinary Sciences, and Wine, but also extend to options such as Culinary Arts, Nonprofit Management, Occupational Therapy, and more.



Live in the heart of Europe

We can think of infinite reasons why Prague is incredible, but surely you’d like to get out and explore the rest of the continent, too! Living in the Czech Republic opens doors to all of Europe. Head east to Budapest or Bratislava, spend a weekend on the coast of Croatia or Italy, or catch a two-hour flight to the likes of Paris or London – the possibilities are endless!


Interested in interning in the Czech Republic? Contact us at or 612-729-3400!

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