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Preparing For My Trip To Dublin!

Welcome readers! My name is Daniela Hoyos and this is my first of many blog posts where I will be detailing my experience interning abroad in Dublin this summer. In this first blog post, I will be introducing myself and reflecting on my feelings about my upcoming trip to Ireland.

About Me

I am a 19 year old college student from Miami, Florida. I am majoring in Public Health at the University of Florida, with minors in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance and Health Disparities in Society. My true academic passion lies in Global Health, specifically in Global Health Policy. In my free time I enjoy reading, being active, and trying new foods / activities with my friends.

I came across World Endeavors in my search for a summer internship abroad. Initially I did not have a specific destination in mind, but after scheduling an informational phone call with a World Endeavors representative, I selected Ireland as my destination. Once my application was accepted, it was time to begin the process of preparing for my summer internship in Dublin, Ireland. I started this process in early October, which allowed me plenty of time to complete all the tasks necessary for a smooth experience. It was immensely helpful to have the extra time to renew my passport and go through the steps of obtaining academic credit through my university. In the meantime, I eagerly awaited updates from World Endeavors about my internship and housing placements.

I had started this process in early October... it was immensely helpful to have the extra time to renew my passport and go through the steps of obtaining academic credit through my university.

My Public Health Internship in Dublin

This summer, I will intern as a Clinical Research Assistant in the University College Dublin Diabetes Complications Research Center. There, I will be trained to help run clinical trials, clinical research studies, and educational sessions. After an initial interview over Zoom with my supervisor, he informed me that I meet the criteria for the position. We continued to keep in touch over recent months as I filled out hospital paperwork. He has been very kind and informative so far, so I am excited to see what work will be like when I begin.

Staying in Tallaght

I will be living with a young Irish family in Tallaght, a town 30 minutes away from Dublin City Center. I have already corresponded with them, and they already seem so kind and welcoming. They are providing me with my own bedroom, breakfast, and dinner. I am excited to get to know them!

What I’m Looking Forward To!

I have never visited Dublin before so I’m excited to see all the sights and sounds of the city. Since I’ll be in Dublin for 8 weeks, I also plan on weekend excursions to other cities in Ireland and perhaps a visit to Scotland and Wales. I want to see famous sites like the National Gallery, the Cliffs of Moher, and Phoenix Park.

Moreover, I am really interested to see what my day to day experience will be at my internship. I have never worked in clinical research before, so I look forward to learning more about public health in Ireland. I am also excited to make new friends at work.

I hope you enjoyed this first post. Stay tuned for updates on my time in Dublin!

If you would like to know more about our Public Health Internships or would like more information about an internship abroad that aligns with your fields of study / areas of interest, please connect with one of our advisors through a contact form!

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