World Endeavors Spring Break programs are designed for the individual who wants to combine the typical—traveling to a beautiful, tropical climate over spring break, with the atypical—experiencing a new culture and providing meaningful volunteer service that leaves a lasting impact on the community they visit.

Spring Break programs give students the opportunity to expand their horizons and become more globally-minded citizens while getting the chance to meet new people, make new friends, become immersed in a different culture, improve language skills, re-assess priorities and goals, and help improve the lives of others. Not only are Spring Break programs a wonderful, real-world learning experience, but they are incredibly fun, too.

This program is an excellent choice for those who have tight schedules and limited budgets, but want to use their time, effort, and skills to make a real difference in local communities.




Volunteers participating in the World Endeavors Spring Break Volunteer Program in Costa Rica get the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful countries on earth known for its biodiversity, laid-back culture, and friendly citizens. Volunteers live in Atenas located on the edge of the lush Central Valley. Although participants spend only a week in Costa Rica, they leave a lasting, positive impact on the local community they serve by offering their support to organizations and projects working to make improvements where they are needed the most.

Projects Available

•    Wildlife Conservation

Costa Rica has a rich and diverse natural environment, and the government has made a strong commitment to conservation. But this environment is threatened by human population growth and the loss of natural habitats, and there is a great deal of work to be done to ensure that Costa Rica’s natural heritage can be passed on to the next generation. World Endeavors Wildlife Conservation volunteers assist with a variety of projects that work to preserve Costa Rica’s animal life. These include rescuing and rehabilitating tropical birds native to the region, monitoring the nesting habits of sea turtles, and working to preserve the population of the rainforest-dwelling rodent known as the paca. Volunteers may assist these projects by feeding and caring for the animals, assisting biologists with their research and community outreach efforts, and cleaning and updating facilities.

•    Childcare Assistance

World Endeavors’ Childcare Assistance volunteer program helps Costa Rican children to overcome challenges and build a positive future. This project aids children who have lost their parents, children who live with their families but need additional help or care, or underprivileged children who spend their days in daycare centers. Volunteers teach lessons in English and life skills, giving the children an advantage in school and in later life, and they also engage the children in health education, games, art, and other activities. Assisting with childcare is a powerful way to make a difference for Costa Rican children and the adults who work with them and to support them in building a stronger, more stable future.

•    Teaching

World Endeavors Teaching volunteers in Costa Rica help to provide greater educational opportunities to local children. Education is one of the most powerful ways to promote social and economic development in local communities, and volunteers partner with local educators to share their skills and their enthusiasm for learning with young children. Teaching volunteers often begin their volunteer placements as classroom assistants in English classes, helping local teachers with lessons and assisting students with assignments. Volunteers who are ready may gradually begin to take over lessons and may also spend time working with local English teachers, then helping students with pronunciation and vocabulary. Many teaching volunteers also help to supervise recess and support after-school activities for the children.

•    Environmental Conservation

Costa Rica is home to some of the greatest biodiversity Central America has to offer. But the rainforests and coasts of Costa Rica are threatened by human population growth and pollution. Erosion harms the health of the country’s rivers, and the rainforests shrink every year as land is cleared for agriculture and cattle grazing. World Endeavors volunteers help to stop this environmental degradation through education and collaboration with local communities. Volunteers may choose to concentrate on one project or participate in several. The projects include promoting recycling and composting, doing outdoor work in national parks, and leading community outreach efforts. By assisting with these projects, volunteers make a difference for Costa Rica’s environment and for local conservation workers.

Program Features

•    Dedicated Program Advisor who is accessible and experienced
•    Individualized volunteer program
•    Local Onsite Coordinator and 24/7 support
•    Pre and post arrival orientation; re-entry guidance
•    Language and culture classes
•    Airport reception and welcome as well as airport drop-off
•    Home stay accommodations with 3 meals per day included
•    Comprehensive travel medical insurance
•    Travel visa guidance and support
•    Cell phone rental
•    Cultural activities (cooking class; dance class)

Program Dates

The Spring Break program in Costa Rica lasts for one week (8 nights) and is open from mid-February to late March. Placements may be more limited during Semana Santa (Holy Week) as much of the predominately Roman Catholic country shuts down.

Program Fee

Please contact World Endeavors for information on the Spring Break program fee.