It takes a global understanding of the issues to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Engineering and technology interns can truly benefit from cultural exchange with professionals from other parts of the world who take a different approach and offer a unique perspective. Expertise in the science and technology sectors is increasingly crucial as the working world goes almost entirely online. An internship that combines remote work experience with an international component is a valuable addition to your resume and a priceless opportunity to build your global professional network.


Featured VII Placements

Our experienced advisors will work with you to arrange a customized virtual internship that matches your interests and goals. Here are some examples of possible remote placements within Engineering and Technology:


Assist in the development of a virtual computer science program for school kids. This new program teaches kids aged 7-18 computer science, virtually, through an online platform. Supervised remotely, children involved in the program gain up to 2nd year university-level computer science knowledge, learning through activities that are related to the real world. Intern responsibilities can include:

  • Writing Python scripts to generate coding exercises in Blockly
  • Building coding environment for exercises in Python and Java
  • Brainstorming and shaping coding curriculum
  • Teaching students directly how to code via Zoom in rural, remote and underserved communities around Australia

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable skills in communication, leadership and teamwork, collaborating closely with the staff and other interns in a virtual environment. Join this kind, welcoming team and make a real difference in the lives of kids interested in STEM!
Melbourne, Australia



Sydney-based research center seeking an intern proficient in Matlab and interested in biomedical image analysis to investigate corneal limbal stem cell dysfunction in contact lens wearers.

Contact lens (CL) wear has been recently recognised as a cause of failure of the stem cells of the eye’s surface. Poor vision and ocular discomfort follow ocular surface (limbal) stem cell failure. This project will examine contact lens wearers for dysfunction of limbal stem cells or damage to their specialised ‘niche’ environment. With the increasing prevalence of contact lens wear and the use of contact lenses for stem cell replacement therapies, investigation of stem cell damage with contact lens wear has the potential to save sight, improve contact lens design and optimise stem cell replacement therapies.

This study will assess a group of CL wearers in parallel with a group of non-lens wearing healthy ‘negative’ controls to investigate changes that may suggest limbal stem cell dysfunction. Specialised imaging techniques will be used, and anatomical patterns will be compared to the reported signs in established limbal stem cell deficiency.

Preferred duration 12+ weeks.
Sydney - Australia




Gain insights into cyber security by working directly with a CTO with 20+ years of experience successfully creating, managing and directing large-scale transformation programs. Exciting opportunity to help a business and investment consulting company develop their cyber security services in marketing and managed services delivery. Intern responsibilities to include:

  • In-depth training on Acronis using the partner portal and delivery platform, leading to accreditation in either sales or the technical curriculum, resulting in industry-recognized cyber security qualifications
  • Use Social Pilot to schedule social media posts, assisting with creating content for Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Utilize CRM email marketing software to send monthly email newsletters and review campaign reports
  • Interns may also assist with creating videos and marketing strategy, depending on interests and experience

3+ months preferred, 10-20 hours per week.
London, England




Join a cutting edge biotechnology and medical technology company that manufactures dental implants, prosthetics and surgical instruments. Work closely with the team to develop new products by designing, investigating, testing and manufacturing biomaterials for the dental industry.
Buenos Aires, Argentina



WEB DESIGN - virtual

Web design agency seeking a remote intern to assist with website layout, design and coding. Virtual interns will be involved in the graphical and technical elements of the design process for a variety of agency clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

  • Create website designs and produce samples for clients
  • Meet virtually with clients to discuss requirements
  • Develop a high level of expertise in programming languages such as JavaScript and HTML
  • Test websites for problems and register with search engine hosts
  • Ensure sites are properly optimized for search engines/SEO

Dublin - Ireland



Government agency in charge of research and development of nuclear energy and its applications seeking remote interns to assist with research and writing reports in English or Spanish. Academic background in chemistry or engineering preferred. No Spanish language skills required.

Areas of research could include:

  • Nuclear energy and technology
  • Robotics
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Nanotechnology related to the environment, agriculture, medicine and telecommunications

Buenos Aires, Argentina



International award-winning architect studio seeking remote intern to help with online projects. Work closely with the team in Buenos Aires via online platforms, learning from top architects about the field in Argentina. This firm develops a wide range of projects both in Argentina and abroad, including:

  • Individual homes and mixed-use buildings
  • Hotels and corporate structures
  • Cultural projects and institutional buildings
  • Urbanization and real estate developments
    Buenos Aires - Argentina



Diversify your experience by interning with this nimble and efficient business. Seeking an intern with strong skills in IT/computer science to assist remotely with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Maintaining and problem-solving Zapier, and creating and maintaining Zaps
  • Updating website content for SEO optimization
  • Conducting a coding audit and making suggestions for improvements/corrections to the existing code

Brisbane - Australia



World Endeavors arranges unpaid internships. Specific virtual internship placements cannot be guaranteed. Once you’ve applied and enrolled, we will work closely with you and our in-country coordinator to arrange a virtual internship that matches your interests and goals.


Once you’ve submitted your application, your dedicated internship advisor will get in touch to guide you through next steps. Placements can be secured in as short as 2 weeks.

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