Program Costs

World Endeavors is positioned as one of the most affordable international experiential learning organizations available offering internship and volunteer opportunities abroad. Our programs offer value far beyond what can be measured in monetary means. From the personalized attention of our experienced staff to the help of our in-country coordinators to the affiliations of our respected partner organizations and universities, the cost of a program abroad through World Endeavors includes many hidden benefits that may not be apparent until after your experience is complete.

World Endeavors specializes in building working relationships, valuable experiences, and unique opportunities to participants. Therefore, an investment in a World Endeavors program is an investment in your own personal transformation. When considering the personalized attention to detail and wide range of opportunities available through World Endeavors, it is apparent that our programs offer a value that is comparable to premium travel abroad programs on the market. We want you to focus on the experience, not the price. The attention, care, and wide range of enriching opportunities World Endeavors programs offer makes the cost a true value for an experience you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

* NOTE: All prices are in US dollars (Prices are subject to change).