After completing high school or college, what is the next step? This transitional period may be the perfect time to take a step back and get a broader perspective on the world by traveling abroad. Taking a gap year is a chance to discover new interests, master new skills or languages, and shift your perspective in a new community. World Endeavors gap year participants do all this and more and return home better prepared than ever for college, graduate school, or a career.


Many students and recent graduates find it difficult to distinguish themselves in the crowd of job applicants. Taking a gap year to intern abroad is a chance to explore a career field in an exciting setting and gain some unbeatable life experience. In the course of the internship, they get exposure to the career field they’re interested in and acquire experience in that field.


Speaking another language allows access into other cultures and opens up new patterns of thought. It’s a great choice for gap-year participants who are still deciding what they want to do in their work or studies. World Endeavors Study Programs combine immersion in the host country’s language and culture with attentive classroom instruction, putting participants on the fast track to language mastery.


Volunteering is a fantastic way to put a gap year to good use. When volunteering with World Endeavors, participants learn new skills and gain a powerful understanding of what they can do with dedicated effort. It’s a first-hand education in the challenges that are faced by people around the world and in what individuals can do to help. These experiences are invaluable and informative for participants on a gap year as they decide on a career or a course of studies.