International Family Programs help bring families together and provide a truly unique and invaluable bonding experience. Family program participants have a desire to break away from traditional family vacations and choose to instead embark on a program that will teach their family the benefits of giving, learning, and respecting cultural diversity. Sharing this life-changing experience abroad opens your family’s eyes to how diverse and incredible the world is. It is a great opportunity to share a fun experience with a group of trustworthy traveling companions. Families who take advantage of the opportunity of a program abroad often find that the stories, photos, and meaningful memories made are a lifelong gift they share with each family member.

Family programs offer many different options based on the needs and goals of the unit. Some past World Endeavors family participants have included a father and daughter working side by side at a children’s home in Ecuador, a family with two high-school-aged children volunteering with a street children assistance project in Ecuador, and a young couple who spent their honeymoon volunteering in Costa Rica.

World Endeavors Family programs run year-round and last for 1-3 weeks depending on the family’s schedule and availability. Because traveling with a family, let alone as an individual, can be tricky and at times daunting, we choose very safe and especially family-friendly locations for our family programs. Our in-country-coordinators are very good at accommodating families and making them feel at home.

Family programs are designed for any family from a single parent and his/her children to a group of adult siblings, married couples, two parents and their children, and so on.  World Endeavors requires that children on Family programs must be at least 8 years of age and have parental supervision.  Participants that are 18 years and older do not need parental supervision.

We offer Family programs in the following locations: Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Thailand.