A career break might mean taking leave from a job, exploring new avenues within a field, or getting into a brand-new career; it could last anywhere from a couple weeks to several months or longer. Whatever the circumstances, a career break is a fantastic opportunity to travel abroad. Going abroad is one of the best ways for people in any stage of life to get a different perspective on their home culture, and, by taking a class, doing an internship, or volunteering, participants can be sure to get the most out of their stay. World Endeavors intern and volunteer programs give participants from a variety of backgrounds the chance to add pizzazz to their resumes and discover what they really want to do.


An internship is a powerful way to add fresh experience to a resume, and traveling abroad for an internship provides a new perspective for participants of all ages and career stages. An internship can be found to suit nearly any level of experience. For participants exploring a new field, interning abroad is a great way to learn the ropes. For those who want to continue in their line of work, an internship is a chance to see the field from a different perspective and learn how to adjust skills to suit new circumstances.



Particularly for those who are not sure about the direction of their careers or who are looking for a break from working in their profession, volunteering is an amazing chance to offer help to those who need it and to make a real, visible difference. Volunteer program hosts are always glad to receive help from volunteers who have work experience and are willing to jump in and get the job done. Many participants think about their careers in a whole new way after volunteering abroad and seeing the new ways in which they can make a difference in someone’s life.