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Action is the idea that each one of us is an independent, self-driven, proactive problem-solving machine. Our individual professional and organizational success demands that we live out these values in our work each day.


Care guides the way we treat others including our teammates, our supervisors and managers, our partners, and our customers. We strive to treat others as we would want to be treated – assuming positive intent and resolving issues rather than letting divisiveness replace teamwork.


Trust, characterized by honesty and integrity, is the foundation on which everything else we do is based.

We have set very high standards for each member of our team. These standards are necessary if we are to grow and thrive as an organization. We are also committed to challenging each employee personally and recognizing your commitment and success with appropriate compensation and benefits.

A former employee who worked here for 5 years before moving overseas had this to say about her experience,

We talk so much about how life changing our programs can be for our participants, their host communities and their home communities, and that is absolutely true. But World Endeavors has also been life changing for me. Your trust in my ability to take on new challenges and handle new responsibilities has helped me grow in so many ways over the past five years and has changed the way I see myself as a professional and as a person.