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Making the choice to go abroad is bound to bring up a lot of questions—and the World Endeavors team is here to help! If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, contact us and let us guide you to the answers you need to embark on your own global travels.

FAQs | How it works

When should I apply?

We can accommodate volunteer applications received 4 weeks prior to the intended start and intern applications received from 16 weeks prior to the intended start to up to a year in advanced. Participants are encouraged to submit their applications as far in advance as possible due to visa requirements and other processes involved in coordinating placements. Check the specific program page for more information, and plan to apply as soon as you decide which program suits you. Last minute program placements are possible in some cases. Please give us a call so we can work with you to arrange your project.

What is the difference between an internship and a volunteer program?

The main difference is the focus of the program. An internship is a professional, hands-on experience in your career field of interest. Interns work at a local organization and learn how that particular field operates in a foreign country and culture. A volunteer program is service-based and no background knowledge or experience is necessary to participate. Volunteering requires flexibility and a willingness to serve communities in need.

Can I go for a duration that is not listed on the website?

Yes, at times, we customize program durations to fit the needs of our participants. Please contact a World Endeavors advisor to talk about this option.

How do you pick the companies and organizations you work with?

We choose companies and organizations that have developed meaningful, sustainable projects and have a history of successfully hosting participants. These companies and organizations are often small and local, though some are a bit bigger. Participants complete a survey at the end of their program to provide feedback on their host company or organization, and these surveys help to guide our future choices.

How long are the programs?

The length depends on the type of program that you pick. Volunteer programs usually run between 1 and 12 weeks. Intern programs run generally from 2 to 6 months, and some can run as short as 1 month. Customized durations can often be arranged. Please contact a World Endeavors advisor to talk about this option. As we are passionate travel advocates, we encourage all applicants to select as long of a program duration as possible!

Can I combine programs?

Some of our programs, while in the same country, are not very close in proximity, making the combination of programs difficult. The programs are also designed to be full-time experiences, meaning you are not likely to have too much extra time. For participants who have multiple areas of interest, we often recommend participating in two programs, one after the other, in order to get around any commuting difficulties or time conflicts. Please contact a World Endeavors advisor to check into customizing a multiple/combination program abroad.

What is the benefit of going abroad through a provider like World Endeavors?

World Endeavors participants benefit from the support of competent advisors who have experience with international travel and understand what it’s like to go abroad. Our small office and attentive staff ensure that you get prompt and satisfying answers to your questions and concerns. If you are volunteering, we are your goodwill ambassadors. If you are interning, we are your employment advocates. And if you are going abroad with a group, we are your guide. Our individualized approach ensures that you feel cared for and prepared for your new adventure, providing accessibility to programs often unavailable to the solo traveler.

Can I travel after my program?

Definitely. Travel after becoming more intimately familiar with a location and culture is one of the most rewarding ways to experience a country. Whenever possible, we encourage longer program durations and time afterwards for travel as long as there are no visa restrictions.

Can I extend my program once I arrive?

It may be possible to extend an internship or volunteer program depending on the availability of the host organization and housing as well as relevant visa restrictions. World Endeavors advisors are in frequent contact with participants and In-Country Coordinators and can help explore a program extension.

What is the probability of getting my first choice program?

Chances are high that you will get your first choice. If the program is full, or if program requirements are not met, our staff can often help you find another strong option that meets your needs and goals. Consider applying early for the best chance at getting your first choice in programs. You can visit the specific program page or contact one of the World Endeavors advisors for more information on program requirements.

Do I have to list a second choice program?

It is not required to list a second choice program, but backup plans are useful, and it gives our staff a clearer picture of your interests and abilities.

Can I apply without knowing the exact dates I can go?

Sure. Our staff would be happy to help guide you to the dates that work best with your schedule and program availability if you have a broad time frame in mind.

How do you choose host families?

Our host families are welcoming, friendly, usually middle class, and hand-picked by the World Endeavors team to ensure that placements provide a safe and positive environment for the participant. Housing accommodations are modest, safe, and clean, and often differ from Western norms in terms of space or amenities. World Endeavors host families are well known by our In-Country Coordinators and often have a long history with our organization. At the end of their programs, we ask participants to complete a survey to get valuable feedback on the host families and housing which shapes our future housing decisions.

Can I apply after the deadline?

It may be possible to accept your application after the deadline. If applying after the 12 week deadline for a volunteer program and the 16 week deadline for an intern program, you will need to be flexible and keep lines of communication open while going through the application process. We will expedite our process into a shorter period of time and will work to our best abilities to meet your goals. Please contact a World Endeavors advisor to talk about this option.

How does the application fee work?

Once we receive your application and the application fee, we begin researching and arranging your international experience. If during this process we determine that we are unable to accept your application or are unable to place you in the program you have applied for, we will refund the application fee. If you decide not to participate in the program or wish to cancel for any other reason, the application fee is non-refundable.

FAQs | Eligibility

Do you have to be from the United States to participate?

Even though our headquarters are located in the US, our programs are open to applicants from all over the world. Keep in mind that all countries have different visa restrictions for different types of passports. We will work to the best of our abilities to get you the most up-to-date information regarding visa requirements.

Is there a minimum age for participating in World Endeavors programs?

Generally, participants should be 18 years or older. Some programs will take participants under the age of 18. If you are under 18 and would like to participate in a program, please contact one of our advisors for a list of programs and requirements. There is no upper age limit to our programs.

Do you have to be enrolled in university to participate?

With an occasional exception, the majority of our internship programs do not require participants to be enrolled in a college or university. Volunteers are not required to have completed any program at a college or university. Individual program pages contain more info about specific requirements.

What qualifications do I need to participate in an internship program?

Having a background in your desired internship field is recommended but not required for most fields. Internship placement opportunities increase with experience or relevant coursework. There are a few programs that require an intern to be a student or recent graduate due to visa restrictions. Contact one of our advisors for more information.

What qualifications do I need to participate in a volunteer program?

There are no specific qualifications to participate in a volunteer program, but volunteers with certain skills or backgrounds may be able to bring those skills to their volunteer project. Our organization looks for individuals with a passion for helping others and making a difference in communities in need.

Do you allow partners, friends, or family members to participate together?

Yes! We coordinate many programs for friends and families each year. Participating in the same program and sharing housing will depend largely on availability, but we will work with you to find a program that works for you and your companion(s).

Do I need a visa to participate?

It depends on the country and project as visa restrictions and requirements vary from country to country. As a part of our enrollment process, our staff will help prepare you to obtain a visa should one be necessary.

What are the language requirements?

Each program has different language requirements, but there are a large number of programs available to those with proficient knowledge of English. Check the individual program pages on our site to learn more about language requirements, or contact a World Endeavors advisor.

FAQs | Academic

Will I get credit for my intern program at my home university?

Most interns are interested in building their resume with an intern program abroad and don’t require credits to transfer. However, should you have an opportunity to intern as a part of your degree requirements, we can work with you and your home university to obtain credit. If you are hoping to earn credit for your internship, it is important to let us know as soon as you apply to ensure that we find a placement that will match your university’s requirements. Talk with a World Endeavors advisor to learn the steps involved in interning for credit.

FAQs | Funding

Do you offer scholarships?

We do! Take a look at our scholarship page for the scholarships we offer, and contact us to request our scholarship and fundraising guide to get ideas of where to find other sources of funding to help you go abroad.

How do I afford the program?

Our participants use a variety of methods to fund their programs. Some have used financial aid, scholarships, fund raising, and personal loans. Others may take on a part-time job prior to going abroad to save up for their program. Our advisors, who are experienced travelers on a budget themselves, can offer some help and guidance on this topic.

Why do you have to pay to volunteer abroad?

World Endeavors partners with locally-run grassroots organizations in the communities in which our volunteers serve. These organizations have been identified by our in-country staff for the work they do, the impact they have on their community, and their need and desire to have volunteer support. These organizations have few resources and are not able to pay for housing, meals, transportation, airport pickups, or support for international volunteers. In addition to covering these expenses, your program fee also covers all of the support provided to you by World Endeavors. This includes volunteer recruitment, paperwork processing, pre-departure preparation, and both in-country and US-based support from our staff during and after your program. It also includes the work that goes into emergency preparedness and planning by our staff in the US and around the world. While you could show up in your destination country and try to find a volunteer opportunity on your own, volunteering through a reputable organization like World Endeavors allows you to get to work immediately on a meaningful project in your area of interest with the peace of mind of knowing that you have a support network behind you all the way.

FAQs | Program Features

Will there be other World Endeavors participants at my project site?

Depending on the program you choose and the time of year you participate, you will most likely meet other WE participants while abroad, although in some cases, you may be the only WE participant for part or all of your program. Summer projects in popular destinations make it very likely that you will have several other WE participants at your site. We seek to offer programs that are culturally immersive, and we have designed them to offer multiple opportunities for you to meet locals as well as other visitors. If you wish to engage in a program where you will be with other WE participants or if you would prefer a more culturally immersive setting, contact our staff with your questions, and we will do our best to accommodate.

How will I get to my internship or volunteer site every day?

When you arrive, you will learn how to commute back and forth to your internship or volunteer site on your own every day. Our In-Country Coordinators are great resources and will help you to determine the best way to get around. Daily transportation costs are the responsibility of the participant and are not included in program fees. Most countries have very cost effective public transportation systems, and it is very affordable to travel to your placement site. We do our best to place participants in housing that will be convenient to their internship or volunteer site, and, in some cases, participants are able to walk to their site.

Are meals included in the program fee?

Meals are included in some of the programs. When staying with a family, 1-3 meals a day are included in the program fee. Other types of housing, such as shared apartments, may require you to pay for your own grocery and meal costs.

Is the flight included?

The cost of air travel is not included in your program fees. Our advisors can offer tips and guidance for finding the best flight deals to your destination.

Is the housing cost included?

Housing accommodations are included in the program fee of every World Endeavors program. Housing types include home stays, apartments, and dormitory-style housing. The type of housing that is included depends on the location, program type, and availability. Check specific program pages for more detailed information regarding housing arrangements.

FAQs | Money while abroad

Can I work while abroad to support myself?

Due to time commitments and labor laws, working in addition to your World Endeavors program is not possible. When participating in one of our programs, most participants have evenings and weekends off (though hours may vary, especially in some internship fields). We suggest that you spend your free time exploring and getting to know your host country.

How much extra money will I need for my time abroad?

The amount of money needed for your time abroad will depend on the program type and country. A World Endeavors advisor can help you figure out these costs once you decide on a program.

Do you offer paid internships?

All of the internships we coordinate are unpaid placements. The goal of our program is to provide meaningful, hands-on experience in your specific profession or field of study that will give you a competitive edge in the job market and make you valuable to employers who are globally-minded. We have found that paid jobs are generally only available in bars or restaurants and do not offer the kind of experience we strive to provide. Our program provides the perfect opportunity to help you gain international experience, improve your skills in your field, and enhance your resume.

FAQs | Health and Safety

What if I get sick or hurt while I’m abroad?

If you get sick while you are abroad, our In-Country Coordinator will be there to provide support and assistance. They can assist you in case of emergency and also help if you need to see a doctor for an urgent health issue.

Is it safe to participate in a program abroad?

Safety is our top priority for all of our programs, and we take several measures to ensure that your experience abroad is as safe as possible. Before you leave for your program, you will receive a pre-departure handbook that provides information about how to stay safe while abroad. Our structure in-country is also designed to ensure your safety. Our In-Country Coordinators are local people and are very familiar with their communities. During your orientation with our coordinator, they will talk with you about specific safety measures, and they will also be available 24/7 throughout your program to answer any questions or provide assistance. While there are risks inherent in anything you do (even staying at home), we believe that by taking a few common sense precautions, you will be able to focus your energy on the life-changing experience that you are going abroad to have!

What if something goes wrong while I’m abroad?

If something goes wrong while you are abroad, contact our In-Country Coordinator and the World Endeavors office. The In-Country Coordinator will be able to assist you. Letting the World Endeavors office know allows us to be up-to-date on your situation and provide any assistance needed.

FAQs | The Next Steps

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our office to talk with one of our advisors. You can reach us at (612)-729-3400 or toll free at 866-802-9678, Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm US Central time. You can also send us an email at info[at]worldendeavors[dot]com.

Once we understand your goals and what you are looking for, our advisors can start discussing options and ideas with you. With our help, you may be surprised at how quickly your dream of going abroad can start to materialize into a reality.

I’m interested in participating in a World Endeavors program. What is the next step?

Enrollment in the program begins formally with an application. Due to visa requirements and other processes involved in coordinating volunteer placements, participants are encouraged to submit their applications as far in advance as possible. Please see the page on our site for your specific program of interest to find application deadline information. If you have missed the deadline but still wish to participate, contact World Endeavors. In some cases, we may still be able to take your application. You can begin your online application by clicking on the word APPLY at the very top of any page on our site.