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Welcome to the World Endeavors resource page for students! We are glad that you are considering embarking on a life-changing experience abroad. Going abroad is a great opportunity to gain insight into a different culture and develop a new perspective on the world. It is also a great way to develop foreign language skills, participate in unique projects, meet new friends, and add value to your resume. This page is intended for currently enrolled students who are interested in going abroad to intern, study, or volunteer.


A growing number of students are seeking to earn academic credit for an internship experience abroad. World Endeavors advisors can work with you and your advisor to ensure your internship placement fulfills your home university’s requirements for internship credit. These requirements may be a certain number of contact hours, periodic supervisor evaluations, regular journal entries, or other requirements specific to your course of study. If you would like to earn academic credit for your internship abroad, we ask that your department’s specific requirements be communicated to World Endeavors as early as possible in the application process to ensure that the internship we place you in can meet those requirements.


World Endeavors staff members work hard to make going abroad easy. From our first contact with you through the re-entry period at the end of your program, our staff will be there to guide you through the process and provide personalized support. We have a reputation of personalized support and of getting to know our participants to help ensure their program is a good fit for their needs, interests, and goals.


The health and safety of our participants is our number one concern, and it is the guiding consideration during our program development process. During our pre-departure preparation and orientation process, we share health and safety information with our participants; our in-country orientation process also focuses on these topics and on how to respond in case of emergency. By taking common sense precautions, our participants can feel comfortable in their new surroundings and focus on the life-changing experience of their programs.

It is important to note that there are risks inherent in any activity, whether at home or abroad. We strongly encourage you to talk with World Endeavors staff about general safety precautions to take while abroad as well as about how to respond in the unlikely event of an emergency. World Endeavors advisors are experienced travelers themselves and are happy to speak with you about your chosen destination.