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The WORLD ENDEAVORS participant conduct policy is founded upon the assumption that our program participants are guests abroad. The international community judges the home country of the participant based on the behavior of the participant. WORLD ENDEAVORS participants have earned an excellent reputation at our partner institutions, and we strive to continue and enhance that reputation. Future participants must abide by both WORLD ENDEAVORS’ standards and those of the host institution or organization and host country. The term ‘participant’ refers to any individual participating in a World Endeavors program.


WORLD ENDEAVORS participants must conduct themselves as responsible members of the program. It is known that the most important factor in a safe experience abroad is the participant’s sensible and cautious behavior. Each WORLD ENDEAVORS participant must make the commitment to be an informed, aware and cautious participant when making day-to-day choices and decisions while away from home. Actions that jeopardize one’s own welfare and/or the welfare of fellow participants will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.


Participants are subject to the laws of the visiting country. Excessive consumption of alcohol and possession or use of illegal drugs is forbidden. If a participant violates the laws of their host country, WORLD ENDEAVORS cannot and will not intercede on the participant’s behalf, nor will the Consulate of the participant’s home country. Participants must accept responsibility for their own actions. Excessive consumption of alcohol and use or possession of illegal drugs as determined by WORLD ENDEAVORS will place the participant’s safety in jeopardy and may result in dismissal from the program. No refunds of any kind will be available for participants dismissed as a result of that participant’s conduct.


The health and safety of all WORLD ENDEAVORS participants is critically important. Each participant must disclose previous or current medical conditions prior to departure. This information helps the WORLD ENDEAVORS staff provide participants with information regarding health services on-site. In addition, it helps the staff advise participants on the services the host university or organization and city may or may not have. Please note, WORLD ENDEAVORS is not responsible for obtaining medical care for participants. Each participant is expected to prepare for his/her trip and make necessary arrangements for medical care, services and treatment.


Many WORLD ENDEAVORS participants attest that their experience abroad with all its challenges and excitement was the most rewarding time of their life. The information and advice that WORLD ENDEAVORS offers are intended as a guideline in each participant’s preparation. Participants are responsible for researching and understanding issues that relate to the safety, health, political, cultural and religious conditions in their host country. The WORLD ENDEAVORS pre-departure guide should be only one component of the participant’s preparation.


Participants who fail to attend classes regularly will not receive a transcript or academic credit. Each foreign institution establishes attendance policies. The host institution may fail a participant because of excessive unexcused absences, excessive tardiness, or failing grades. Please refer to your selected program for specific attendance policies. Participants may be dismissed from WORLD ENDEAVORS programs because of repeated unexcused absences, repeated tardiness, or deficient performance as deemed by WORLD ENDEAVORS. This policy applies to non-credit courses included in the program. No refund of any kind will be available for any participant dismissed from any program for academic reasons.


Before being allowed to participate in a program, all participants must sign the WORLD ENDEAVORS Program Agreement. In addition, participants may be required to read, sign and comply with on-site agreements that outline additional requirements of the on-site director, host institution/ organization/ company, or accommodation host. Participants are expected to take responsibility for their behavior or they risk early dismissal and consequent loss of time, money and academic credit. Refunds are not granted for any participant who is dismissed from a WORLD ENDEAVORS program.

Participant misconduct will result in disciplinary action taken by WORLD ENDEAVORS. Misconduct is defined as participant behavior which

  • Is deemed self-endangering to the participant or harmful to any other person;
  • Is deemed irresponsible, unprofessional, or disrespectful to the local community and local customs.
  • Violates the World Endeavors Code of Conduct and program policies;
  • Violates the laws of the host country;
  • Violates the policies of the host institution, organization, company, or project;
  • Violates housing policies or the rules of the host accommodation;


Behaviors that may lead to dismissal from WORLD ENDEAVORS program include actions that, in the judgment of WORLD ENDEAVORS, jeopardize a participant’s welfare, the welfare of others, or the Program. Such actions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Threats or the use of physical and/or verbal violence/abuse;
  2. Violation of the laws of the country or host institution;
  3. Open abuse of the customs and mores of the community;
  4. Damage to or destruction of property of others;
  5. Alcohol or substance abuse (including participating in the program while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances);
  6. Harassment of any kind; physically or verbally abusing, disrespecting, or threatening anyone;
  7. Stalking behavior in which the participant repeatedly engages in a course of conduct directed at another person;
  8. Eviction from one’s accommodations;
  9. Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, work, or other activities related to the Program;
  10. Inappropriate, disrespectful, rude, aggressive communication or actions toward others, and uncivil behavior/communication (e.g. talking back, willfully ignoring communications of WORLD ENDEAVORS and/or host institution/ organization/ company, physical/psychological intimidation, culturally insensitive behavior, name calling, willful or malicious maligning program or host staff, use of obscene or profane language, etc.) with others, particularly anyone associated with the Program;
  11. Disorderly or lewd conduct (e.g. of disorderly conduct: rowdy and drunken behavior, prostitution, fighting, vandalism, assaults, destruction of property, and loud parties, menacing, harassment, or intimidation);
  12. Participation in a disturbance of the peace (e.g. disturbing others with loud, unnecessary, and unreasonable noise/partying; operating any sound amplifying system, particularly at night; fighting/instigating a fight in a public place; participating in a labor strike, political rally, or riot);
  13. Failure to comply with directions of a Program staff or others acting on behalf of Program;
  14. Bias-motivated behavior, intentionally or unintentionally (e.g. disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, size, age, etc.);
  15. Unauthorized absence from the Program and/or any classes if applicable;
  16. Exceeding the number of unexcused absences from class allowed for the Program;
  17. Failure to register in and/or maintain a full-time course and/or unit load at the host institution as specified by WORLD ENDEAVORS requirements throughout the duration of the Program;
  18. Failure to adequately complete expected hours of the Program (e.g. the number of hours/days expected at the internship or volunteer placement);
  19. Academic misconduct (cheating, fabrication, forgery, plagiarism, or facilitating academic dishonesty);
  20. Unwillingness to cooperate with WORLD ENDEAVORS or anyone else acting on behalf of Program.


WORLD ENDEAVORS and its local program representatives will consider context, severity, the impact of the misconduct when taking disciplinary action it deems appropriate. Disciplinary action includes any of the following sanctions or a combination thereof.

  • Reprimand/warning/censure
    Written reprimand that the participant has violated policies and/or regulations and that continued or repeated violations may be cause for further disciplinary action.
  • Disciplinary probation
    Written notice of a status imposed for a specified period of time during which a participant must demonstrate conduct that conforms to WORLD ENDEAVORS and/or host institution/ organization/ company standards of conduct. Misconduct during the probationary period or violation of any conditions of the probation may result in further disciplinary action, normally in the form of dismissal. Depending on the participant’s misconduct, and at the discretion of the WORLD ENDEAVORS, the following are examples of probation conditions: formal apology, written apology, written analysis of misconduct with reference to local social norms, community service, alcohol/drug assessment with treatment as deemed necessary, professional counseling, payment of fines/restitution of property, etc.
  • Dismissal
    Written notice of termination of WORLD ENDEAVORS participant status. WORLD ENDEAVORS will inform the student in writing of the action to be taken and of the appeal process available to the student, with copies to the host institution/ organization/ company, and the relevant contacts at the Participant’s home institution, if applicable.


If a participant decides to exercise his or her right to appeal WORLD ENDEAVORS dismissal decision, he or she must do so in writing. The appeal must be initiated within 48 hours -2 days- (in real local time) of the date of notice from WORLD ENDEAVORS of his/her misconduct. The imposition of a dismissal sanction will be deferred during such appeal. An appeal must be in writing to WORLD ENDEAVORS Manager of Participant Services. This letter may include any relevant documents and testimonials that the participant wishes to enter into the record. If the participant does not submit an appeal within the time stipulated above, the participant’s right to appeal is waived.

Access to housing and the program will not be restricted unless the nature of the behavior that caused the discipline is appropriately related to the restriction. Exclusion of housing and the program will occur when there is reasonable cause for WORLD ENDEAVORS to believe that the participant’s presence will lead to physical abuse, threats of violence, or conduct that threatens the health or safety of any person or other disruptive activity incompatible with the orderly operation of the program. The WORLD ENDEAVORS Manager of Participant Services will adjudicate and will either concur with, or overturn the decision of the WORLD ENDEAVORS representative ordinarily, within a period of two business days after receipt of the appeal. He or she will inform the student in writing of the decision. This decision will also be communicated to the WORLD ENDEAVORS representative, the host institution/ organization/ company, and local program staff as well as to the participant’s home institution when applicable.


If the WORLD ENDEAVORS representative or WORLD ENDEAVORS Manager of Participant Services believes that the case should also be referred to the participant’s home institution (if applicable) for consideration of disciplinary action, or if the participant does not accept the penalty assigned by WORLD ENDEAVORS, all pertinent documentation will be sent to the contact on record for the participant’s home institution, who will be responsible for forwarding it to the appropriate officials on campus.


A dismissal from the Program will result in the termination of participation in the program including all services, supports, and benefits of the Program. A participant dismissed from the Program will be solely responsible for arranging transportation home.

Termination of participant’s participation in WORLD ENDEAVORS program shall not diminish or otherwise affect participant’s obligation to make all payments to WORLD ENDEAVORS. The participant will not be entitled to any refund, may be required to reimburse his or her home Institution for financial aid received, and is responsible for all unrecoverable costs incurred by the host institution/ organization/ company, the host accommodations, or WORLD ENDEAVORS as well as personal financial obligations, including, but not limited to, utility bills and rent.

A participant’s program insurance coverage will end 31 days after the effective dismissal date.

A participant who is dismissed from the WORLD ENDEAVORS program is not entitled to receive academic credit for unfinished courses or courses in progress. When applicable, a participant’s registration at their home institution may be blocked until all such financial obligations have been met. A participant’s home institution may, in addition, impose further sanctions, such as suspension or dismissal from the institution.


Program applicants who do not currently have a passport should apply for one upon acceptance in the program. In addition, a visa is required for most countries. It is the participant’s responsibility to secure any required documents. WORLD ENDEAVORS will provide detailed instructions and documentation with the confirmation packet, and will be happy to answer any questions. Non-U.S. citizens must contact the consulate nearest their place of residence to determine whether any special documents are required. WORLD ENDEAVORS cannot and will not intercede for those who choose not to obtain the appropriate documentation. Participants are responsible for educating themselves on any specific requirements for their selected destination. Failure to obtain appropriate passports and visas is not grounds for any refund.


Individuals not enrolled in World Endeavors programs, such as parents, family members, or friends of participants enrolled in the program, are generally not allowed to visit the program or participants during the course of the program without prior permission from World Endeavors. The program is designed to be more independent in nature and participants are expected to be self-directed and autonomous. If parents or close family members wish to visit the participant during their time abroad, we strongly recommend that this be scheduled after the last day of the program. Traveling with a participant at the beginning of the program or showing up at the project or accommodations with the participant is strongly discouraged. Families seeking more of a group travel experience should contact a World Endeavors advisor and a unique customized group experience can be arranged.


WORLD ENDEAVORS recognizes the important role that pets may play in the lives of its participants; however, due to the high level of stress that travel can place on pets and participants and due to the potential difficulty of coordinating a pet-friendly program in some locations, WORLD ENDEAVORS does not permit participants to bring pets on any of its programs. Participants who wish to bring emotional support animals must provide to WORLD ENDEAVORS a signed medical professional’s note certifying the participant’s need to travel with his or her emotional support animal.


Social Media is a great way to share your international experience with your family and friends back home, but WORLD ENDEAVORS urges participants to request permission from subject(s), provide background and context, avoid vulnerable or sensitive situations and be culturally sensitive when posting photos to social media with the goal of challenging stereotypes and promoting ethical practices and behavior.