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Can I Earn Credit for a World Endeavors Program?

Yes! Earning academic credit is just one of the many benefits of an enriching experience abroad. You can earn credit for interning abroad, and possibly for volunteering as well. Many of our participants seek credit for their experience abroad, so our staff has plenty of experience helping students navigate this process. Whether you need to complete a certain number of hours for your internship abroad or you need to submit supervisor evaluations, World Endeavors can ensure those requirements are built into your program.

How to Earn Academic Credit

Earning academic credit for a program abroad is generally a straightforward process, and almost all World Endeavors participants who want to earn credit are able to do so. No programs are off-limits – anything from a long-term, full year abroad to a short-term, three week program can earn you credit. We simply ask for the requirements of your educational institution or academic department ahead of time, and then we work directly with you to ensure your World Endeavors program will meet these requirements. Contact a World Endeavors Program Advisor to get started today!

Through our collaboration with University of California Berkeley, World Endeavors interns have the opportunity to earn academic credit for their international internship via an online course. These courses facilitate your learning and self-reflection while adding a new dimension to your international internship experience.

University Approval of Transfer Credits

World Endeavors participants have found the process of transferring credit to be simple and straightforward due to the support World Endeavors Advisors provide. Our advisors are available to answer any questions you might have, and we can also speak directly with your academic advisor or study abroad office. We pride ourselves on working closely with you and your school throughout the entire process. The best way to get started is to simply call or email World Endeavors and to begin working with a World Endeavors advisor today.