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Evin’s Australia Internship in Communications

How do you feel looking back on your experience in Australia?

I had an amazing experience while in Australia; I am very glad I did it and feel as though it was a beneficial experience.

Did you have any reservations before leaving for Australia?

I was nervous but excited.

What was your first impression of Australia?

Living in Australian suburbs is a lot different from visiting a hotel. I was able to manage everything, but there were still a lot of foreign experiences.

How did your first impressions/nervousness (if any) change from when you arrived to when you left?

I was originally nervous about making friends while abroad. After leaving I feel as though I have left with a lot of good friendships.

Tell me about where you lived.  Did it add to your experience?

I lived in a housing unit for international student in the suburbs of Sydney. This was a great experience because I met a lot of international people.

Tell me about your internship.

I worked at Cancer Council in the Volunteer Coordinating unit. I mainly did work around registering volunteers for Daffodil Day.

Tell me about a typical day for you from the time you got up until the time you went to sleep.

On a work day I would get up and take the bus to work. At work I would get random assignments from my boss to increase the amount of volunteers for the Daffodil Day event. I also registered those who wanted to volunteer.

How did you get around? (i.e. going to your internship, traveling, going to a store…etc.)

I mainly took the bus. Sometimes the train.

What made you want to intern abroad and specifically why in Australia?

I did not want to study abroad because I did not want to miss a semester at Boise State. I wanted Australia because I have visited before and fell in love with the country.

How did your time in Australia impact you?  What do you carry with you now because of this experience?

I feel as though I am a more diverse and well-rounded person. I feel like I can adapt to new situations better than I could

What are you doing now?  Do you have future travels plans?

I would love to go to Europe to visit a friend I made while in Australia!

What advice would you give someone traveling abroad?

Do something new every day! How did you hear about World Endeavors, and why did you choose WE over other programs? WE seemed to fit the best with my schedule. I found them online.

Number one story you love to tell about your time abroad:

I loved when my parents came to visit me while I was abroad. We fed kangaroos and cuddled a koala.

Number one challenge about being abroad:

Being homesick.

Most important thing you gained from your time abroad:

Work experience in a different country makes me knowledgeable about the work but also adaptable.

Anything you learned about yourself, US culture, etc.?

I gained a lot of knowledge about how others view America. I feel that I personally have gained a lot of independence.

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