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Denzel, Media Studies Intern in SpainDenzel is from Camden, Arkansas and went to Valencia, Spain to complete a Media Studies internship.

Denzel was placed with an up-and-coming media company. In his role there, he did research for various projects, edited multiple videos for Instagram, and was even a camera operator, actor and editor for a music video! Read about the experience in Denzel’s own words here:


Not only did I get connected with my internship host company, but also got to know my co-workers and learn about their culture and the Valencian language. I learned more in the realm of editing, and really improved in my craft. It was a small company but it has big clients, so I was able to have an introduction into the advertising world and to see the early stages of a successful company.


I would take the metro every morning to my internship, and start my day at 9:00am. Most days I was doing research. For example, we would have a video shoot with a client and we have a certain style, so I would look for examples of that style from other videos. I also learned how to use After Effects more by creating Instagram posts. I worked on a couple posts with videos my colleagues had already done – finding images and 30 second posts. I was also able to design a post for the band that we did a music video for. One of my colleagues was very experienced using After Effects, and he took the time to show me his techniques, which really helped me develop my skills. I also had the opportunity to do some sound captures.

Every Friday, my co-workers and I would go eat and just chat. We’ll definitely keep in touch. Everyone was awesome. At my last meal, they gave me a tablet and a t-shirt with our company’s logo. It was muy amable!


The language school arranged activities so interns could go out and see Valencia together. During the weekdays there would be activities like going to a museum or a restaurant. Saturdays they would arrange longer activities, like going to a beer tasting and then a castle. I really engaged in these activities, and I would also go to the park and play basketball with some locals.


I think I lucked out with my host family. We got along very well, and I actually went to see the kids’ futbol games. The food was also pretty good. The most rewarding thing was definitely the people that I connected with.


I would say just enjoy the experience and never take it for granted. Also when it comes to opportunities to do something – nothing stupid, of course – but opportunities to meet friends and go out and do activities, always take the shot.


I’m now in film school in California. It’s a three year program, so I’ll be here a while. Hopefully after that, I’ll have the connections, know the right people, and have a few friends that I can work on my first feature film with!

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