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Ariana interned with us in the fall of 2019, pursuing a Public Health placement in Florence, Italy! Read about her internship, what she learned, and what’s next for her below.



“I had the opportunity to work with Red Cross in Florence, Italy as an Emergency Responder with the ambulance team. I shadowed in weekly rounds with different teams and went out into the community to provide hands on care when emergencies occurred. A typical workday consisted of starting at 7am and grabbing breakfast (coffee and croissant) with my team for that day. Before heading out to any emergency situations, I was in charge of checking if the ambulance car and bag had all the supplies necessary to last for the rest of the shift. Afterwards, we would wait for calls for any ‘missions’ that are assigned to us, then head out to provide care. Sometimes there would be days that were really busy because emergencies would be non-stop, or occasionally, the situations would be minor and there would be breaks in between. I also had the opportunity to see what Red Cross Italy does in terms of health education and health promotion, such as Project DAFNE [which aims to provide resources and support to people at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases]. I got to sit down one evening with the doctor who is in charge of Project DAFNE to talk about what they do to assist in the health needs of sex workers in Florence.”

WE Intern Ariana with colleagues in front of their ambulance during her Public Health internship in Italy


“I will never forget how kind the people were at Red Cross. They made my experience an enjoyable one because of their hospitality. Whenenver there was time for a break during my shifts, I was always treated out to coffee, a croissant or pasta. This allowed me to understand the Italian culture and their love for food and eating. I also had the chance to have meaningful conversations with my co-workers which made me see their passion for helping others through the ambulance services, but also with patients that I encountered as well. Moreover, I never got tired of walking around Florence and seeing its beautiful architecture on a daily basis.”

We Intern Ariana with her coworkers at her Public Health internship in Italy


“Being immersed into the Italian culture, I gained a different perspective in life. The Italian culture allowed me to learn the value of relationships rather than work. Even though work is important, it is important to take time and spend it with your loved ones. Moreover, I also learnt how to be independent when I would travel to different places by myself. It made me get out of my comfort zone, learn how to make my own decisions and trust myself more.”



“I stumbled upon World Endeavors when I searched online for a work abroad program. World Endeavors was the first site that showed up so I clicked on it and was impressed with what World Endeavors had to offer. Jennifer, my internship coordinator, answered all my questions and organized my internship to best suit my needs. I also like how she gave me tips about Italy and what to expect. I did not feel stressed before dpearting for Italy because I knew everything was already arranged for me. I would definitely recommend World Endeavors if someone wants to gain experience in a cultural lens different from their own.”


“Ever since I came back from Florence, I do hope to go back there again because of how much I miss it. However, I am in search of a job in Public Health but I have also applied to nursing school for a fast track program. I learnt that I loved the adrenaline when dealing with patients and I want to be able to find that adrenaline again in hopes of becoming a registered nurse.”

Learn more about World Endeavors’ Public Health internships abroad and our other exciting fields offered in Italy! We’d love to help you find an internship abroad to set you on course to achieve your professional goals while making memories and friends all around the world.

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