Program Overview

The Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca is one of the most attractive campuses in Mexico, with lots of green spaces, trees and fountains, airy classrooms and a faculty of dynamic teachers and administrators dedicated to your learning.

Studying in small classes with personalized instruction in English and Spanish will help you grow your connections with fellow local and international students, while building your skill set and preparing you for the world of work.


Ranked as one of the best schools for learning Spanish, the Universidad Internacional offers personalized tuition and immersion in the warmth and culture of the Mexican way of life. For the full immersive experience, you can opt for a host family stay and surround yourself with learning opportunities.

When you’re not in class, take a break to wander the colorful streets of Cuernavaca and visit the 16th century Palace of Cortes, now a historical and archaeological museum of nineteen halls filled with artifacts and murals by Diego Rivera.


  • Approval received from the home university.
  • Current official undergraduate degree transcript.
  • Valid passport until at least 6 months after your program end date. (Copy of your passport (photo page))
  • Most students will be required to obtain a study visa. The application process can be extensive but World Endeavors staff will walk you through it!


The Universidad Internacional is located in the hilly city of Cuernavaca, set on the slopes of the Sierra de Chichinautzin mountains. This cosmopolitan city is filled with diverse cultures, from the many indigenous tribes to expats from around the world. Its citizens are friendly and welcoming, being used to the influx of international students.

Whether you are enjoying one of the many neighborhood celebrations for patron saints, or soaking up the nightlife in one of the many cafes, you will find Cuernavaca welcoming and stimulating.


Students have the option of the university’s guest residence  – a private fully-furnished room with access to the kitchen for long-term stays, wifi and daily housekeeping – or a Mexican host family in either a private or shared room.

Life in Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca, the capital of the state of Morelos, is about 55 miles south of Mexico City. Known as ‘the city of eternal spring’ for its pleasant climate, this cosmopolitan city has attracted royalty since Aztec times. Study abroad here and soak up this tree-lined city of brilliantly colored bougainvillea, waterfalls and springs.

Savor the wide array of street food, from tacos to tamales, while you stroll down the Juarez Garden and take in a free concert, or browse the local crafts and traditional candies on the plaza while you practice your Spanish.

Support whilst in Mexico

World Endeavors study abroad programs offer full support, starting with airport pickup and accommodation transfer upon arrival followed by an on-site orientation covering health, safety, and local tips. Emergency support from your in-country coordinator, 24/7 travel medical insurance, and continuous contact with your advisor for additional assistance throughout the program helps you feel secure and supported. Whatever challenges life throws your way, we’ve got you covered!


Academic credit and transcripts are issued by Universidad Internacional after the successful completion of the program. The Universidad Internacional is a fully-accredited, state-recognized institution of higher learning. The teaching here will help you develop the skills you need to succeed, with a mix of lecture-style tuition and practical experience.

The World Endeavors process is designed to take the guesswork out of academic credit and credit transfers. Our experienced advisors work with each student and his or her academic advisor before the program begins to ensure students earn the credit expected for courses taken abroad.


Applicants to study abroad with World Endeavors must have completed high school (or equivalent), and, in most cases, must be at least 18 years of age. While some programs have minimum GPA requirements and require that applicants be currently enrolled in a college or university, others are open to all participants regardless of age or student status. Please contact a World Endeavors advisor for more detailed eligibility criteria.

Course Load

Courses at Universidad Internacional are lecture- and seminar-based, with significant independent study expected. We recommend students take only four courses per semester with a max of 18 credits. Students may take five courses per semester with approval from their Academic or Study Abroad Advisor first. Language classes are 4 credits, other classes are 3 credits, so students would need to take one language plus three other regular classes.

What's Included/ Costs


  • Dedicated Program Advisor who is accessible and experienced
  • Tuition: 12-18 credits per semester (up to 5 courses)
  • Academic transcript from Universidad Internacional 
  • Pre and post arrival orientation; re-entry guidance
  • Student services and learning support
  • Access to university facilities
  • 24/7 emergency phone support
  • Airport reception and welcome
  • Student housing accommodations
  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance
  • Travel visa guidance and support
  • Advice on how to get a local phone number


  • Round-trip transportation to Cuernavaca
  • Visa expenses
  • Optional trips and excursions
  • Textbooks and other course materials
  • Daily transportation
  • Personal expenses
Study In Mexico (Universidad Internacional)
Cost: $11,990
Summer Study In Mexico (Universidad Internacional) Cost $5,490

Dates & Deadlines

Fall Semester 2024: Begins August 16th, 2024

Orientation August 17th 

Application Deadline: May 15th, 2024

Spring Semester 2025: Begins January 19th, 2025

Orientation January 20th

Application Deadline: October 15th, 2024

Program dates listed are for reference only and are subject to change. Please wait until after acceptance and you have received the confirmed dates to book any flights. Please contact a program advisor directly for specific date ranges!

Every World Endeavors Study Abroad Program Includes

Our study abroad programs are as unique as our destinations, but there are program features that unify all of our study experiences.


  • Top accredited universities
  • Flexible durations – 2 to 4 weeks to a full academic year
  • Expansive destination options
  • English instruction offered in all locations


  • Vetted campus accommodations selected with quality and safety in mind
  • Friendly community of peers from local host country and around the world


  • Dedicated one-on-one advisor
  • Local on-site coordinator


  • Airport pickup
  • Pre-arrival and on-site orientation
  • 24/7 local support
  • Activities and cultural engagement
  • On-campus social events, clubs and sports


  • Professional assistance and collaboration with home institution on course approvals and credit transfers
  • Transcript received directly from university abroad


  • Comprehensive travel medical insurance
  • Mental Health First Aid-certified staff
  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance


When you feel safe and respected abroad, you will flourish. World Endeavors participants are transformed through enriching, rewarding and safe experiences around the world. We meticulously monitor travel recommendations and will only facilitate programs where we can ensure our participants’ safety. 

We take key steps to ensure our participants’ well-being, including providing a pre-trip success guide, 24/7 local support, in-country trained staff, pre and post-arrival orientation, comprehensive travel medical insurance, and Mental Health First Aid-certified staff. Please contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns.


When you have some free time in South Africa, you’ll find a variety of activities and experiences to try out. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go on Safari: Embark on a thrilling safari adventure in world-renowned game reserves, like Kruger National Park, where you can spot the Big Five and other wildlife.
  • Visit Cape Town: Explore the vibrant city of Cape Town, ascending Table Mountain for breathtaking views, and exploring the picturesque Cape Peninsula.
  • Experience Cultural Heritage: Visit cultural villages to interact with locals or experience traditional music and dance performances.
  • Explore the Garden Route: Drive or take a tour along the stunning Garden Route, experiencing diverse landscapes, beautiful beaches, and charming towns like Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.

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Recent stories from Mexico

Recent Testimonials

JillianStudy in France

I realized once I got back that I learned more than I thought I did—not that I didn’t think I learned a lot, already. Three of my goals were to make more international friends (check), amp up my French comprehension (check), and expand my worldview (check).

EdenStudy in Spain

Honestly it was the best semester I’ve ever had. I met so many people and learned so many things. I found a new love for a different country. I would definitely recommend World Endeavors to anyone who wants a life-changing experience!

JenniferStudy in Spain

My advisor at World Endeavors was absolutely excellent! Her expertise and delightful people skills were exactly what sealed the deal, making World Endeavors my final decision for study abroad.”

AliciaStudy in Thailand

I have to say that what I remember, as much as the delicious colors and flavors of Thailand, are the people I crossed paths with – the other students who became such good friends, and the local Thais who showed me such kindness. And of course the food. I still dream of the food.”

HeatherStudy in England

It was amazing to be able to say I traveled to six countries in one semester.

KristenIntern in Morocco

It was amazing! Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone - the spontaneous adventures are gold!

Study Abroad FAQs

When do most students study abroad? What year?

Typically, students who study abroad are in their third year, but you can study abroad any time during your enrollment in a university. The only exception might be your first and last semester – some institutions require these to be spent on campus. Check with your advisor and have a conversation about when studying abroad would make sense for you. Just remember study abroad is not a one-size-fits-all type of program – it will work at different times for different people!

None of my friends want to study abroad with me - will I feel isolated if I go alone? What’s it like when you go solo?

Most of our students travel alone to their study abroad destination – it’s perfectly normal! The overwhelming feedback we hear is how awesome it was to meet new people, gain some confidence and independence, and how it wasn’t a lonely experience at all. Many times, students have already tried a new solo experience when they enrolled in their home university and started as a freshman – so studying abroad isn’t much different. You will still have access to events, clubs, organizations and social activities that take place at the host university and student housing gives added access to a friendly community of peers. 

I don’t think studying abroad works for everyone - is that true? What if I have a tricky major?

We get this question a lot. Some people think they can’t do a semester abroad if they are seniors, or if they have any major other than liberal arts. Don’t make those assumptions – there are so many ways to study abroad! Reach out and talk to us and your advisor. We can help you find solutions to any requirements that may feel like obstacles, but we’re sure we have just the right program for you!

Where will I live when I am studying abroad?

You usually have a few housing options when studying abroad – home stays, apartments, or residence halls. Each has its advantages. Reach out and talk to us about what is typical for the location that interests you. No matter what you pick, it’s a great way to learn more about your host culture.

Will I see any other students from my home country there?

Quite possibly! If the university is hosting you, it is often hosting other students who are studying abroad. You may also meet students from other countries who are studying abroad and make even more multi-cultural connections! It’s great to connect with someone who knows about peanut butter or the finer points of American football, but keep in mind, most of our students valued their new connections with students who grew up in the host country. Often those friendships last a lifetime!

How can I afford this? Can I use financial aid to study abroad?

Students often use federal financial aid to study abroad, and in some cases can use other aid and scholarships as well. The first step to ensuring your financial aid can be used is to work with your World Endeavors advisor and your home institution academic advisor to map out your academic plan with the courses you will take abroad.  Your World Endeavors advisor can also recommend our more affordable study options, which might even cost less than a semester at home! We will also give you tips on finding scholarships and other tools to defray the cost of studying abroad.

How many courses will I be expected to take?

If you intend to use financial aid to study abroad, you are expected to take a full course load during the semester or term you are abroad. This usually is around 5 classes, with 3 credits each. We will work with you and your academic advisor to find the right courses and make sure they fulfill the course requirements. 

What other options do I have if studying abroad doesn’t work for me right now?

We love connecting students with semester-long cross-cultural learning adventures, but there are many other ways to have meaningful learning experiences abroad! Talk to our advisors about our professional internship and volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to get out into the world one way or another. If you are like the majority of the students we’ve worked with over the years, you’ll return home feeling this was the best decision you could have possibly made!

Related Programs

Study Abroad seaside view in Croatia

Summer Study in Zagreb, Croatia

Study just outside the scenic and culturally vibrant capital city of Croatia - Zagreb. With ample sunshine, nearby beaches, picturesque towns, and stunning scenery, Croatia definitely lives up to the hype!

Summer Study in Zagreb, Croatia

Ranked by UNESCO as one of the world’s most peaceful countries and a hidden gem among Mediterranean destinations, Croatia is an unforgettable travel experience. 

Students will study at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and have an impressive slate of course options from each session. Course offerings will be in the fields of economics, finance, marketing, operations, leadership, and more! Students will have the option to choose from 1-3 summer sessions each lasting approximately 2 weeks.

Session Dates

  • July 1 – 14
  • July 15 – 28
  • July 29 – August 11

Cost: $4,300 per session

Fill out a brief application form to get in touch with an advisor to help you start planning your summer in C

Study Abroad
South Korea

Summer Study in Seoul, South Korea

The vibrant mega-city of Seoul, South Korea teems with an infectious culture of politeness, cleanliness, and unique culinary scenes. Now through World Endeavors, you can experience all of the best parts of Seoul in the warmth of a summer month.

Summer Study in Seoul, South Korea

You’ll study at the 8th best university in South Korea at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS). Part of an international cohort for 4 weeks, you’ll feel comfortable learning about Korean culture and language with other students from abroad. This is one of the best short term programs to see South Korea available. You’ll be able to choose from 1 of 3 courses:

  • Korean Language
  • Korean Popular Culture & Media
  • Asian & Korean Economics 

Session Dates

  • July 18 – August 14, 2024

Cost: $3,850

Fill out a brief application form to get in touch with an advisor to help you start planning your summer in Seoul today!

Study Abroad

Summer Study in Ecuador (Quito)

Study in the heights of the Ecuadorian Andes! Situated at nearly 2 miles in elevation, Quito is one of the most elevated capital cities in the world. Now through World Endeavors, you can study abroad here this summer

Summer Study in Ecuador (Quito)

You’ll study at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) which is located just outside the city of Quito in the wealthiest barrio of the country. Over the course of 6-weeks you can refine your Spanish and earn credit towards your degree while taking a cultural deep dive into Ecuadorian life. You can choose from the following course tracks, each lasting 6-weeks:

  • Health and Liberal Arts
  • Media & Design for Sustainability and Communities


Fill out a brief application form to get in touch with an advisor to help you start planning your summer in Ecuador today!

How to apply for a Study Abroad Program

You’ve decided to study abroad – congratulations! Applying for your World Endeavors program is easy and stress-free. Get ready to CHANGE YOUR WORLD!


Research and compare. If you can’t decide on a program, we can guide you toward the best fit.


Fill out our online application form to share all your relevant details with our team.


Receive your official acceptance and enroll. We’ll give you all the info you need to get ready!


You’ve researched, planned and saved. Now you’re ready to study and explore like never before!