This is one of our participants’ top questions when preparing for their experience – and for good reason! We know that the details of housing abroad can be stressful, which is why we arrange housing for all of our participants. This eliminates the anxiety of finding the right location and price. So where will you live? That depends on the program and site you have chosen. We offer a range of options from dormitories to shared apartments and host families. There are a few common features with all of our housing options, however. The World Endeavors staff works hard to make sure participant housing is safe, clean, and culturally-appropriate. We want each participant to have a great experience when traveling abroad, and our goal is to provide housing that will enrich and enhance that experience. We also make sure that housing options satisfy our value of cultural immersion so participants have an authentic experience abroad and really get a taste for a new culture. And if participants encounter any housing bumps along the way, our staff will be in touch with them throughout their time abroad and will work with them to smooth everything out.

World Endeavors interns live in one of a number of housing options depending on the program site they choose. In some locations, interns have the opportunity to live with local host families, while in others, shared apartment accommodations are arranged. Because internship placements can be located in various neighborhoods throughout the city, the World Endeavors staff aims to place interns in housing close to their internship or centrally-located and convenient to public transportation.


Students participating in many of our study abroad programs live in dormitories and other on-campus housing. For some programs, host family accommodations are available, and occasionally off-campus shared apartments may be provided. We aim to provide housing that will maximize students’ opportunities to meet new people and build relationships with local students and other international students. We also try to factor in the location of classes when making a housing suggestion. Our goal is not to duplicate your home campus experience, but to provide a culturally-immersive and academically-challenging experience abroad.


Most volunteers will live in a home stay near their volunteer site. Living with a host family is a great way to learn more about the culture and people of the country you are visiting through an up-close look at food, language, home life, and so on. In fact, World Endeavors alumni have often credited the home stay as the best part of the trip! Host families are experienced with hosting international volunteers, and they love the opportunity to share their community with others. Families come in all shapes and sizes, from a single grandmother to a large family with lots of children, but the experience can be very similar regardless. This is a chance to have a local guide right under the same roof. For some volunteer projects, volunteers will live at their project site due to commuting distances or the presence of ample facilities at the volunteer site. This can also be a great way to grow deeper roots in a community and bond with local staff and fellow volunteers.