Nestled on West Africa’s gently bending coast, Ghana offers visitors a warm welcome and a memorable array of cultural experiences. Ghana is known for its thriving tribal culture (replete with kings and queens), rich exports of gold and cocoa, fascinating historical sites, and breezy, grassy terrain. Ghana offers a unique combination of attributes that make it a great destination for first-time travelers to Africa. Its stable political climate and growing economy make it safe and accessible for visitors, and, with the wide use of English, Ghana draws many travelers and explorers each year.



World Endeavors currently offers the following program in Ghana:

The World Endeavors Volunteer in Ghana program is located in Kumasi, one of the busiest and most historic cities in Ghana.

Volunteer in Ghana



Neo is from San Diego, California, and studied History and Anthropology in college. He volunteered teaching children in Ghana through World Endeavors.

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"I gained a whole new world view and appreciation of life and how much a smile or a helping hand can change the world."

- Nehemiah, Volunteer in Ghana

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