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Why Go to Prague?

The city’s central location in Europe allows for easy exploration of nearby areas, as well as enriching both personal growth and memorable experiences.

If you’re interning in Prague with World Endeavors, chances are that you will find yourself searching for somewhere new to explore on the weekends aside from the Old Town Square. We’re here to give you advice about the best weekend trips from Prague.

Sunset over Prague. Photo from Chloe, Physical Therapy Intern

Here Are the Top 5 Weekend Trips from Prague

Although there are lots of amazing things to do in Prague, we have a few ideas for how to solve your wanderlust! Below is a list of the top 5 weekend trips that you can take from Prague!

1. Cesky Krumlov

Only about 3 hours by bus from Prague, this medieval fairy tale town in the South Bohemia region of the Czech Republic with a mixture of architectural styles from the 13th century on. You will see Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic elements represented throughout the town, and be sure to take some time to visit the old castles, such as Cesky Krumlov Castle. Want to see the city from the most beautiful viewpoint? Head down to the old town and climb the bell tower — you will not be disappointed.

2. Bohemian Switzerland

Also only a few hours from Prague sits Bohemian Switzerland, a protected national park area that provides fantastic views and will satisfy your fresh air cravings all in one trip. Take a hike through the wilderness, wander the massive rock structures, or explore the old castles that line the hillside in this Eastern European gem. Nestled along the Northeastern border with Germany, this national park is a fantastic place to spend a weekend away from Prague.

3. Dresden, Germany

Heading a bit further north from Bohemian Switzerland sits Dresden, a famous German city with plenty of history to explore. Many famous structures and sites were destroyed by the bombings of World War II, but were rebuilt after the war. Today, the city is over 800 years old and still holds much of its charm and beauty. It is the capital of the Saxony state of Germany, and was the home of Saxon royalty for many years. Explore the castles, enjoy the museums, and have a fantastic time in this lovely German city. Bridget, an Occupational Therapy intern shares her experiences about her time there! She truly enjoyed it.

4. Vienna, Austria

Although the Prague to Vienna train ride is about 6 hours long, Vienna is one of the best destinations for a weekend trip from Prague. This famous European capital city is a great place for foodies, and provides year-round adventures in the form of festivals, concerts, and markets — especially around Christmas time! With an easy-to-use public transportation system and a wide array of activities to enjoy, Vienna may be one of the highlights of your time in Europe.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Although this city may only be possible to visit on a long weekend away from Prague, it is worth the longer train ride. Budapest is a youthful city known for its vibrant music and arts scene, and it is also one of the most affordable cities in Europe! Stroll along the city’s many bridges and explore the unique architecture of many of Budapest’s public buildings. There are also countless museums, concerts, cultural venues, and of course bars — and it is a great city to meet other young people from around the world. And the ride back from Budapest to Prague is a nice scenic wind-down after your weekend.

Recap of All the Best Weekend Trips from Prague

These are only a few of the fantastic countries near Prague that you can visit. There are so many more wonderful places for you to explore in one of the most unique regions of Europe. Let us know on Twitter where you plan to visit!

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